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Classic Australian Food That You Must Try

Flying over to the world down under? Here is some must-try nosh for when you’re vacationing in Aussie!

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Vegemite / Via

Renowned Hollywood star, Hugh Jackman of Marvel’s X-Men fame, has sworn by a good heaping of vegemite slathered on crisp, buttered toast. So when you’re in the Wolverine’s homeland, do as he does and enjoy some vegemite toast for brekkie! If you happen to be staying at one of the short stay hotel/apartments done by chains such as Oaks Hotels & Resorts, you might even find this as part of the spread as part of your on-the-house breakfast.

Beast of a Burger / Via

The down-under version of a burger with all the trimmings is a beast of a burger to contend with indeed! A ‘hamburger with the lot’ comes with beetroot, pineapple, bacon, a sunny-side-up and more, in addition to all the usual components! Talk about a tasty mouthful!

A Biscuit That’s Earned its Stars / Via

Aussie’s Anzac biscuits have had an arduous and turbulent history, having being invented in the midst of WWI. This simple treat of oatmeal biscuit sweetened with treacle, is still a favourite in the country to this day. You should be able to find it at most supermarkets and roadside cafés.

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