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Best Hiking Trails In Hongkong

Get your hiking shoes ready and pack some sportswear! A list of Hong Kong’s best trails has been compiled just for you. As hiking can be a bit strenuous, especially if you’ve got more sightseeing on your list, however a quick rest at Cosmopolitan Hotel Wan chai Hong Kong, is a great way to recover that lost strength!

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The Dragon’s Back – Stage 8 Hong Kong Trail


The hike along Dragon’s Back is as rugged as the name itself. The trail runs between Shek O Peak and Wan Cham Shan and is one of the more popular hiking trails. Apply a layer of sunscreen before hiking along this path and expect to see plenty of fellow hikers on the trail!

Pat Sin Leng – Stage 9 Wilson Trail


The Wilson Trail is around 70 kilometres of varying terrains. The trail features a spectacular bird eye view of the surrounding hill landscapes. The Wilson Trail is divided in to 10 sections, with the final one being Pat Sin Leng. Keep an eye out for wild monkeys who are not very friendly and always eager for food.

Tai Mo Shan – Stages 7 & 8 Maclehose Trail


The Tai Mo Shan hike takes you to the highest peak in Hong Kong and requires a bit more physical stamina than most hiking trails. Keen explorers have discovered a hidden waterfall tucked away in the corners of the trail, if you’re eager enough, look for it!

Tai Long Wan – Stage 2 Maclehose Trail


Considerably a better trail if you’re after beautiful sceneries, the Maclehose Trail is along the coastal side of Hong Kong and offers up great photo opportunities along the way. Be sure to check the weather first as hiking on a cloudy day might dampen the mood.

Sunset Peak & Lantau Peak – Stages 2 & 3 Lantau Trail


The Lantau Trail is another scenic hiking trail which starts (or ends) with the statue of a Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. With things to see along the way, this hike generally feels much shorter than the others. At the end of your hike, head back to your Hong Kong hotel rooms to rest and recover.

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