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Best Dishes In Hong Kong

From quick on-the-go bites that will make your mouth water to fine dining experiences with multiple courses, Hong Kong does food like nobody else. Their cuisine showcases spicy and delicious components that are sure to make you forget your strict diet …at least for the moment.

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Stuffed Roast Suckling Pig in Tsimtsatshui

Tom Eats / Via Flickr: walsh02

The name is enough to make your stomach rumble isn’t it? Stuffed Roast Suckling Pig is a delicacy that is done best in the Kimberley Chinese Restauranat in Tsimstsatshui. The dish is different than its traditional cousins served at many Hong Kong hotel restaurants in the fact that the stuffing is entirely delicious, glutinous sticky rice. The pig is roasted whole until the skin is crispy. Yum!

Beef Brisket in Tin Hau from Sister Wah

Chasing320 / Via

Most food stalls and even high-end hotels like the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong and many others serve this dish.Try out a bowl of this spectacular beef brisket noodle soup from the Sister Wah eatery in Tin Hau that any local foodie will recommend. The soup is heavily infused with Daikon, a local type of radish which makes it a spontaneous combustion of flavor ranging from sweet to spicy in one mouthful.

Snake Soup from Ser Wong Fun in Cochrane Street

All About Hong Kong / Via

Try out Hong Kong’s quintessential snake soup served in a bowl filled with a broth containgin lemon leaves, mushrooms and thinly shredded snake meat. The dish is believed to keep disease at bay so … a snake soup a day might keep the doctor away!!!

Hoover Cake Shop’s Egg Tart

Hoover Cake Shop / Via

The modest and cozy Hoover Cake Shop down Tsin Wai Road in Kowloon City takes a spin on the beloved Egg Tart which is Hong Kong’s darling staple. The duck eggs used in the tarts give off a silky and rich texture while the taste and colour is intensified. Just the smell of buttery goodness wafting out of the shop is enough to give you the munchies.

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