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5 Reasons Why A River Cruise In Bangkok Is A Definite “must Do”

While exploring Bangkok on land is one thing, you do get a whole different and exciting experience when doing it on water. A Chao Phraya River cruise is not to be missed and here are a few reasons why.

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Get a whole new perspective

Grand Palace Thailand / Via

Witnessing life unfold on the River of Kings on a Chao Phraya cruise, be it day or night, offers wonderful insights into the Thai capital, amidst an altogether more laidback atmosphere.

Sightseeing galore

Just Gola / Via

Many of the city’s well known landmarks have been constructed by the riverside; this means you can enjoy amazing views of famed attractions ranging from the Grand Palace to Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn.

Perfect for date night

Live Less Ordinary / Via

What better way to set the mood for love than a romantic dinner while enjoying a river cruise! Wine and dine that special someone as you watch the city begin its magical night time transformation.

You can spend the night on the river

Photographer: Kiattipong Panchee / Via

Some cruise operators like Anantara Cruises even have luxurious barges that have their own accommodation letting you can actually spend the night onboard, rocked to sleep by the rhythmic sounds of the river.

Travel further afield

Zain turizam / Via

Those who love adventure can choose a river cruise that travels out of Bangkok too, exploring sites rich in history like UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya with its ancient temples and palaces.

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