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    42 Canadian Cities Marched In Solidarity With Muslims

    "Not another life. Not another mass murder."

    Toronto was one of many cities across Canada that hosted a rally against "Islamophobia and white supremacy" on Saturday.

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    In total, 42 Canadian cities held rallies in the wake of the deadly shooting deadly mosque shooting in Quebec.

    But they didn't just come to show solidarity. Rally organizers put forward a list of demands for the Canadian government to meet.

    Among them was a request to condemn President Trump and the ban, opening the Canada-USA border to refugee claimants, and rescinding legislation that unfairly targets Muslims and refugees like the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and Bill C51.

    "We are under attack on all fronts, especially those of us who live in the intersections of Blackness and Muslimness and are Refugees who are the first to be silenced, ignored or forgotten," read a part of the letter accompanything the demands. "Not another life. Not another mass murder."

    Over 150 organizations have signed on to the open letter and list of demands.

    In Toronto, the rally was held in front of the US consulate where speakers reiterated their list to chants from the crowd. Attendees also prayed for the six victims in the mosque shooting.

    Protesters forming a wall so that the Muslims in the crowd can pray safely. #nomuslimbanTO


    Sina and Alexandra came to the rally to oppose Trump's ban. Sina is a refugee and, he said, the Syrian war is getting lost in the politics. He also wanted to show up so that others see, "We're people too."

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    The woman holding this sign, Rebecca, is a family lawyer. She's been to the Women's March and Black Lives Matter protests.

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    Rebecca, who's from the Carribean, is choosing to bring her fight to the courtroom. She hopes to inspire other young lawyers who to use the law to mount their battles and fight for change.

    Jessica came here because both to protest Trump and because she just found out her doctor's two-year-old baby is on the no-fly list.

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    She says it was the Canadian government that put the baby on the list and Jessica was at a loss when she found out about it.

    Tenika and Christina are here "because it's scary" and "we're just over it." They're uneasy over everything that's happened since Trump took office, they said, which is why they had to show up.

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    The signs ranged from funny ...

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    ... to sincere ..

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    ... to funny and sincere.

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    But both in Toronto

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

    ... and elsewhere ...

    It's cold but the crowd is big! Ottawa rally against Islamophobia now marching to US Embassy


    ... Muslims and allies stood together.

    Jane Lytvynenko/BuzzFeed News

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