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This Old Hoax About A Strip Club Shutting Down Due To A Diarrhea Outbreak Just Won't Die

The fake story from the Alberta Times is a copy of an old viral hoax.

An old viral hoax was made new again when fake news website Alberta Times published a post about a diarrhea outbreak shutting down a strip club.

Alberta Times

The story is a copy of a previous fake story that claimed there was a shitty onstage incident in Jacksonville, Florida.

Border Herald

The Alberta Times website was only registered in June, and is not a real local news outlet. It mixes real local headlines with made-to-go-viral hoaxes. The real posts are hidden behind a paywall, but it's impossible to sign up for a subscription. The hoaxes, on the other hand, have the full text.

Alberta Times

Some quickly caught on to the deception.

A newspaper I've never heard of claims to have existed in Alberta since 1883 and have newsrooms in #yeg and #yyc

Still, people have been sharing — and falling for — the hoax.

Twitter / @TheFelixKay
Twitter / @jordynhtaylor

A local radio station helped spread the fake story by posting it to its Facebook page and asking if it was real.

Another popular post on the site is a homage to a 2015 hoax. The original headline from two years ago said, "Wyoming Man Found With 30 Eyeballs In His Anal Cavity." It has been debunked by Snopes.

Alberta Times

So beware: If you see a story from the Alberta Times, it's almost certainly...

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