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14 Reasons Ottawa Is Canada's Ugliest City

It's an architectural armpit, basically

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1. There are no stunning national landmarks.

Christopheledent / Getty Images

2. There are no gorgeous museums to get lost in.

Gary Blakeley / Getty Images

3. It barely has any castles.

Paulmckinnon / Getty Images

4. The architecture is total crap, actually.

Aimintang / Getty Images

5. There are never any street festivals.

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6. It's not a short drive away from a vast national park.

Christopher Policarpio / Creative Commons

7. In fact, if you wanted to take a scenic run along a river with views of downtown, you're out of luck.

Photawa / Getty Images

8. It doesn't even have a canal.

Matt Boman / Creative Commons

9. It barely has a historic market where you can shop, eat, or enjoy a beer on a patio.

Michel Rathwell/Creative Commons

10. It certainly doesn't fill up with thousands of tulips every spring.

Mariemilyphotos / Getty Images

11. Nope, no tulips here.

Mariemilyphotos / Getty Images

12. Not one flower in this city.

Mariemilyphotos / Getty Images

13. Oh yeah, and there are no beaches.

Michel Rathwell / Creative Commons

14. It's a city with empty streets, a city fun forgot.


15. Don't bother ever coming over.

Tonyianiro / Getty Images

Correction: A previous version of this article wrongly referred to the Ottawa River as the world's largest skating rink. That is incorrect. Unlike the author's heart, the Ottawa River doesn't freeze.