20 Reasons Why Shunsuke Is The Better Pomeranian

Boo is popular, but across the seas Shunsuke rules.

1. This is Boo.

Now forget about him

2. This is Shunsuke!

Shunsuke was born in 2002. He turned 10 on November 6. (Can’t even tell!)

3. He Loves Going Out!

Named as the most popular dog in Japan, Shunsuke has been on the covers of magazines and featured on t.v shows

4. Sharing Accessories with His Cat Friend

5. Fluffy Goodness

6. Walking On Water

7. More Walking on Water

8. Makes You Feel Warm During Winter

9. The Most Adorable Dragon

10. He Has His Own Line Of Stuff Toys

11. You Can’t Tell Which Is Not a Toy

12. He Has His Own Calendar

13. He Loves Fishes

14. Popping Out of A Box Never Looked Better

15. He Can Play All Day

16. Shunshuke and the Seven Dwarves

18. Disney Needs to Make a Shunsuke Character

20. If You Can’t Get Enough, Here is A Video For More Pictures!

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