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Here's What Some Women In Tech Would Tell The Next President

At Grace Hopper, an annual conference that celebrates women in tech, BuzzFeed's own tech team asked fellow attendees what they thought our next president can do for women in STEM. Here's what they said.

Swati Vauthrin 2 years ago

New York Is Still The Best City For Single Guys Who Wear Madras Pants Unironically And Have A Minor Drug Problem

BuzzFeed developed an interactive map to help determine the ideal city for you. Pick the criteria that matter most and watch the ranking update to cater to your desires.

Yiren Lu 6 years ago

A Complete Breakdown Of Sex On "Game Of Thrones"

Where it happened, whether someone paid for it, who was naked (spoiler: mostly women), and more. A BuzzFeed original analysis.

Jane Kelly 6 years ago

The Best Cities To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Find out which cities are drunkest, most Irish, and most committed to their St. Patrick's Day parades.

Anna North 6 years ago

16 Famous Quotes That Perfectly Capture Los Angeles

Whether you love or hate this city, these quotes are all pretty accurate.

Erin La Rosa 6 years ago

15 Seattle Superfan Tattoos Ranked By Insanity Level

The Emerald City's biggest supporter has some seriously amazing ink.

Matt Kiebus 6 years ago

How To Live Like You're Miniature

Want to feel like you're living in Brobdingnag, Rick Moranis' garden, or an episode of The Land Of The Giants? Here are a few things that can help you live that dream.

Johnnya10 6 years ago

Why The "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter Is A Fluke

Unless a lot of potential Hollywood movies that have built-in fan bases start using Kickstarter, it's unlikely that another project will get this far, this fast, anytime soon.

Kate Dries 6 years ago

The Most Popular Pie For Every Month

Illustrated by PIE charts, of course.

Chris Ritter 6 years ago

20 Tips For Surviving College Admissions Season

CHILL OUT. I mean, after all, it's just your future.

offtherecord 6 years ago
Ryan Broderick 6 years ago

Life-Changing Tip Of The Day: Make Ramen With A Keurig

The soulless pod-coffee-maker in your office or kitchen just got a whole lot more versatile.

Alanna Okun 6 years ago

15 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Sea Life

From the shallows to the deep in 15 GIFs and marine facts.

Kevin Tang 6 years ago

What It's Like To Be Irish On St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day, top o' the marnin', faith and begorrah, and quit tryin' ta steal me lucky charms! Commence eye roll in 3, 2...

Sean Curry 6 years ago

What Did You Learn From "The L Word"?

In spite of ourselves — and the show's many flaws — we are still talking about The L Word. It says as much about the show as it does about the lack of lesbian characters on television. With that in mind, we asked the internet one simple question: What does The L Word mean to you?

Sarah Karlan 6 years ago

17 Movie Posters Redesigned With Better Titles

We've redesigned these posters with humble title suggestions. How would you rename them?

Kevin Tang 6 years ago

20 Awesome Movie Twists

SPOILER ALERT: Reading this may spoil some awesome twists in some amazing movies for you. They're worth it, and a lot of fun, but that can't be stressed enough. Spoiler Red Alert. Big time.

Sean Curry 6 years ago

Three Things To Expect From The Oscars Acceptance Speeches

BuzzFeed crunched the data, and the acceptance speech trends are clear.

Jane Kelly 6 years ago

27 Awesome And Unexpected Menorahs

Don't let menorahs be the thing you don't remember you need until the first day of Hanukkah. Get something fabulous and fun for those eight days of candle-lighting now.

Alanna Okun 6 years ago

What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage

These five maps look at how the 2012 election would have played out before everyone could vote.

BuzzFeed Politics 6 years ago