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    • janel13

      Just have to add somethingIam 66,have kids 48-29.. 48 year old back in college, other two are lawyers, all are in debt $100,000+, everyone now goes back to school and borrows 10 times more than the school cost, and are getting degrees in “Communication”, none are going to make enough to pay off their loans in their lifetime, our system is set up wrong, people going back to school,to get money to live, and than not gettingajob just doesn’t work!
      Also, every factory, tool and die, shoe, plastic, coats, EVERY factory in our rural area is closed down, ALL of them went to China, someone tell me WHY we can’t stop this in someway, make them payaUSA worker, andafine if they leave,Itry to buy US, nothing accept John Henry rifles are made in the USA,Ijust don’t get it,IguessIam too old!

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