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Woman Takes Ultimate Revenge On Fishing Mad Cheating Ex!

A scorned New Zealand woman is taking revenge on her cheating ex by selling his top GPS fishing spots in an online auction. Links below...

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A Waikato teacher – wanting to be known only as Angela – is selling her ex-boyfriend's GPS fishing co-ordinates on Trade Me.

"My ex-boyfriend is an avid and very successful fisherman who asked me to protect his collection of GPS fishing spot co-ordinates (with my life no less). Not a problem," Angela wrote on the auction.

Angela said she had been living with her fishing-mad boyfriend for six months before he spun her a line and left for Australia.

"We were living together and he got up one day and said 'I'm going to live in Australia' without any consultation. He gave me less than 12 hours' notice and up and left.

Angela said she later got a text message saying her boyfriend was sending someone to pick up his fishing gear and tools.

"So they turned up, got his gear, and subsequent to that I was clearing out the garage and found a copy of his GPS co-ordinates.

"Personally I would rather have a nice genuine guy have the information so the nice guy can have a good day's fishing."

Angela said the auction has gathered mostly positive reaction but a few men have expressed dismay.

"Sorry lady, but selling a man's GPS spots is freaking disgusting," said one.

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