20 Signs You’re Over The Fitness Trend

Because I might be writing it, but you were totally thinking it, and we’re all just really jealous.

1. 1. After scrolling through your Instagram feed, you suddenly feel the urge to diet.

2. 2. Before and after fitness photos start to look like the same photos over and over again.

3. 3. But then you’re like “Wait, what? Are they just tanner? No, can’t be.”

4. 4. If it’s arm day or leg day one more time, you think you just might deactivate your Facebook.

5. 5. You almost bought a juicer, but then you were like:

But then you almost bought one again.

6. 6. You feel guilty posting that photo of the fried chicken you had last night, for fear of your fit friends’ judgment.

But it was so good.

7. 7. “Strong is the new skinny” has become your least favorite catchphrase.

8. 8. You have come to detest the hashtags #girlswholift and #guyswholift.

9. 9. You wonder who takes photos of your friends while they work out in the gym. A hired photographer? A fit fan? The world may never know.

10. 10. Some have even managed to take pics of themselves mid-run, and you want to give them credit for it, but you’re wondering, “Wait, how did you do that?”

11. 11. Heck, you’ve even jumped on this train, but you’re just looking to get off on the next stop. TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

12. 12. At dinner, when your friends talk about healthy food recipes and different ways to maximize results, you just sit there. Eating your fried chicken.

Except you don’t look that good doing it.

13. 13. It terrifies you that you’ve actually lived a lie; yoga pants are not only for those lazy days in front of the TV.

14. 14. You really like things like The Color Run, but you only did it for the bomb-tastic pictures.

15. 15. After multiple article reads and avid Facebook posts, you’re beginning to think quinoa might replace all forms of grain.

16. 16. And the idea of life without bread concerns you.

17. 17.You get this look on your face when you listen to your friend’s workout routine for the umpteenth time.

18. 18.You involuntarily scream “NO!” every time someone asks you to download a calorie-counting app.

19. 19.The word “fitspo” used to confuse you, until you realized that it’s actually word evolution. Inspiration → inspo = fitspiration → fitspo.

20. 20.The truth is you’re really happy for all of your friends, underneath it all. And maybe you ARE jealous, because they are making the world a fit and better place, but sometimes you just want them to shut up. And that’s okay.

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