14 Signs It’s Winter And You’re Texan

What is cold?

1. 1. This looks alien. This looks weird. This looks unnatural. This looks like snow. What is snow?

2. 2. Under 80 degrees? Time to sport the standard female winter outfit.

Instructions: Leggings necessary.

3. 3. You do not go out at all if the temperature hits below 50 degrees.

4. 4. School is probably canceled if it gets anywhere near or under 36 degrees.

5. 5. Anything under 32 degrees does not exist. Like what? Alaskans lie.

6. 6. Going to the beach/lake/river/pool in late November is normal.

7. 7. Your Facebook timeline fills with weather complaints regularly.

8. 8. You have worn minimal clothing on Christmas day.

9. 9. The continent of Antarctica, or even the concept of Antarctica, is frightening.

10. 10. You have always wondered what it would be like to need a snow plow, or how fun it might be to shovel snow out of your driveway like that scene in Home Alone.

11. 11. Also, you have dreamed about having a snow day.

12. 12. But thinking about how cold a snow day could be has kept you from ever wishing for one.

13. 13. You have tanned in December.

14. 14. Your friends from out of state just don’t get it.

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