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How "Girls" Can Correct Itself In Season Four

After an uneven, and often unfunny, third season, there's still a way for Lena Dunham to salvage season three of "Girls", and ensure that season four will be a doozy.

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As a long time fan of Lena Dunham’s “Girls”,

I looked forward to season three as a renewal and rebirth of the series' plotlines and characters. Unfortunately, season three of the dramedy, while it had some bright spots and funny moments, was as flat and uneven as Hannah's haircut in the final episode of the second season. Seeing Hannah and Adam's relationship develop from downright kinky in season one, to the unpleasantly blasé in the current season was quite a ride, but it's starting to get stagnant. Season three also had no 'moments', which the show is famous for, and usually excellent at executing. There were no insanely funny clubbing scenes, no yellow mesh tank tops, no dancing to Robyn alone in a bedroom, no anything. In fact, the characters, which some found hardly likeable to begin with, have become somewhat grotesque caricatures of themselves. However, there is a way to salvage season three, despite it ending last Sunday. If Lena Dunham and company advanced the plot by two years for season four, season three could be seen as a requisite stepping stone to a genius fourth season.

Flashing forward the plot of season four would refresh the entire series. After Hannah completes her MFA from the Iowa Writer's Workshop and returns to New York, with an almost completed novel in hand, she will have to re-adapt to changes that occurred while she was absent. Her friends, and Adam, will have moved on, and she will have to navigate the complexities of trying to refit herself into the 'Hannah shaped hole' that will have developed within her small circle of friends, and in her small corner of Brooklyn.

Aging the characters two years would also bring a newfound sense of maturity to the show, as the characters have begun to act like adult-shaped children. Having Hannah attend the Iowa Writer's Workshop would give her character a chance to grow, and time for that pesky e-book publishing deal to expire. When she returns, most likely with a novel in hand, hopefully she will have figured out who she is, and what she wants from her life, and will be able to pursue success in both her professional and personal lives.

As for the other characters, aging them two years would see Shosh graduated from NYU and working in some sort of job, which will make her more relatable to the other characters, who often struggle with unemployment….and employment. Marnie will hopefully develop a personality in those two years, and Jessa…..well, Jessa will probably still be the bohemian party girl with a heart of gold, which we all love. As for Adam, maybe he'll finally figure his life out without Hannah distracting him. This character, more than any other on the show, needs these two years to grow up. Adam is written so immaturely, that it's almost unbelievable that a grown man could act like the way he does and survive, and even thrive, in New York City.

A flash forward would add a whole new dynamic and direction to this once great show. In fact, it could serve as a refresh button for a show that's starting to get stale, and is risking outstaying it's welcome. Another season of Hannah and Adam trying to work out their odd relationship, and Hannah being bored and unsatisfied with the state of her writing career, without actually doing anything about it, would be unbearable. Hannah did attempt to do something about her passion by applying to the Iowa program; it's time Lena Dunham thinks about changing, and fixing, the direction of hers.

Also, we need more Elijah. A lot more Elijah.

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