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    • janar72

      Great list-thanksalot for all this, especially the great photos and some tiny detailsIdidn’t know (or forgot)! Carrie Preston/Elsbeth Tascioni is the best guest star/character for me but your list is fine. Except for Tammy-I really loved Elizabeth Reaser in her role; the last scene with her and Alicia was great acting. You forgot Kya Poole played by Francie Swift (Peter’s “reputation manager” before Eli came into the show-in5episodes) and Amber Madison played by Kim Shaw (Peter sure remembers her; they met at least 18 times privately, haha-in3episodes) from season 1.  And if you count the finale of season 4: Cristian Romero (played by Yul Vazquez-Jackie Florrick’s help), John Gaultner and Stacie (played by Robbie Sublett and Julie Sharbutt-both are4year associates who probably leave Lockhart/Gardner together with Cary) will appear the third time on sunday.  There were several other not so important characters with minor plots and at least3episodes (Jon-Erik Shapiro played by Seth Fisher; Lana Timmermann played by Rebecca Brooksher; Diane’s Assistant played by Jennifer Lim;aSheriff played by Daniel Stewart Sherman) and Erica Hill played herself3times in the show. Best wishes, janar

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