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Tourism And Landmarks – What To See, When In Wan Chai

If the enthusiastic wanderer and curious traveller in you wishes to walk around Wan Chai, there are some places you might not want to miss during your tour in one of the most exciting places in Hong Kong. Put on your walking shoes and let’s take a stroll through Wan Chai!

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Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Thousand Wonders / Via

A magnificent symbol of the city, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) organizes various exhibitions throughout the year such as the world’s largest jewellery fair, an anime and comic convention and the book fair. If you are staying over at accommodation options around the area such as Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong, you can simply take Queen’s Road and enter Thomson Road to reach the site; on the way you can enjoy some shopping at Tai Yau Plaza and taste a steaming cup of joe at the Honolulu coffee shop.

Tai Yuen Street Market / Via

A buzzing alleyway with stalls of clothes, accessories, amazing souvenirs and even toys, Tai Yuen Street Market is the ideal place to be, if you wish to experience the true excitement of shopping in Hong Kong. Crowded with local restaurants is the fresh market that is located parallel to the Tai Yuen Street Market. You can always grab a bite to eat after that one-hour walk by these vibrant stalls.

Lockhart Road

Asia Bars & Restaurants / Via

Packed with bars and small eateries, Lockhart Road is famous for Wan Chai’s exotic nightlife. This is the ideal place for you to be if you are looking to be a part of that electrifying night scene in Wan Chai.

Pak Tai Temple / Via

Built in the mid 19th century, the Pak Tai Temple showcases unique and traditional Chinese architecture. Adorned with murals and copper statues, the temple is dedicated to the “Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven” and the “Taoist god of the sea”, Pak Tai. The temple is also built with halls dedicated to other deities such as “Lung Mo” or the Dragon Mother and the Three Pristine Ones.

Wan Chai Heritage Trail / Via Flickr: snuffy

Inclusive of temples, colonial buildings and markets, the Wan Chai Heritage Trail bears witness to the first English settlements in Wan Chai. Stroll through this historical trail to truly soak up a rewarding cultural experience.

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