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Reasons To Visit Thailand, Hotspots For Holidaymakers

As one Asia's most vibrant holiday destinations, Thailand is a breathtaking corner of the world worthy of exploration. Here are some of the top highlights to visit on your trip to the country.

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Bangkok is certainly no Paris or New York but offers quite a contrasting experience for the inquisitive traveller. There are plenty of shopping malls, iconic temples, street food outlets and sections in the city that deserves more than a mere glance.

Hua Hin

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A delightful mix of sea and city with lively streets, yummy eats and a cosmopolitan ambience, Hua Hin is renowned as Thailand’s original beach resort. Shopping opportunities, historical sites, beaches, water sports and some of the finest Hua Hin resorts await visitors to this tropical haven. If you are planning to visit this country, ensure to book your stay prior to your arrival in a place such as Anantara Hua Hin Resort.

Tiger Kingdom

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If you love nature and its wonderful creations, the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai will give you the priceless chance to get up close and personal with tigers, obviously with care. The Tiger Kingdom is located about a half an hour roughly from the centre of Chiang Mai city towards the Mae Rim city.

Bo Sang Umbrella Village

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This village focuses and is the main point of making handmade umbrellas and even parasols made out of bamboo. Owing to this particular fact that sets the village apart from the rest, the village is called locally as the “Umbrella Village”.

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