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Average Expenses For A Trip To Thailand – Your Quick Guide To Travelling In Thailand

It is not a secret that every traveller wants to tick Thailand off their bucket list as soon as possible. While it is almost impossible to resist experiencing everything that this electrifying destination has to offer, those travelling on a budget have to fight off the temptations of additional spending. Here are some things you need to know before you visit be it on a budget or an over-the-top luxurious escape!

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As one would expect, travelling through Thailand during the high season will be expensive. Hotspots such as Khao San Road (in Bangkok) and Chiang Mai will accommodate your shoestring budget with relatively cheap consumables including street food. If you are planning to enjoy an extravagant vacation in Thailand frequenting areas such as Sukhumvit (also in Bangkok) that feature high-end restaurants and shopping is a great idea.

Where to Crash


The cost of accommodation will primarily depend on how much of “luxury” you expect from your vacation. Thailand offers an extensive range of accommodation options from independently owned local rooms on a nightly rate to internationally reputed luxury properties such as Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas.

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The staple culinary delicacy of Thailand, Pad Thai noodles with chicken can be found for quite an affordable price on street corners, especially outside areas frequented by tourists. Savouring Western food in Thailand will cost more than trying out authentic Thai food in restaurants. You can always sip some fresh coconut water from the islands to wash down the food.

Getting Around in Thailand

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Even though Thai cities feature transportation options from taxis to tuk-tuks, it is better to take a train (or the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok) since the prices of taxis and tuk-tuks can tend to change. However travelling in a tuk-tuk is a great experience especially if you are travelling a short distance in the city.

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