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    • jestorino

      Speaking of invasions.
      In 1848, the United States invaded Mexico.
      In 1855, William Walker of the United States invaded Nicaragua
      In 1898, the United States invaded Cuba and annexed Puerto Rico
      In 1903, the United States forced Colombia to hand over Panama, then Panama ceded a Canal Zone through 1979
      In 1912, the United States invaded, then occupied Nicaragua
      In 1914, the United States seized Veracruz, Mexico
      In 1916, the United States invaded, then occupied the Dominican Republic
      In 1954, the United States backed an illegal invasion of Guatemala
      In 1961, the United States backed an illegal invasion of Cuba
      In 1965, the United States invaded the Dominican Republic
      In 1981-1989, the United States fomented Civil Wars in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua that displaced two million people.
      In 1989, the United States invaded Panama
      ….now the United States had national interests at stake in each of these invasions. I am not challenging the morality of all of these actions. But, the clear lesson is that Latin America has a clear colonial relationship with the United States, and when we see Latinos “invade” the United States, we must realize that their dislocation is often a result of conflicts that involve American interventions. The Drug War is yet another example of a U.S. sponsored conflict in the region.

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