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Now A Days Technology

Processing and distribution of data through a computer, telecommunications, and digital electronics is called Information Technology. This is an era of IT. The world has changed into a global village. Easy access to all kind of data across the world is the fruit of IT. This is the most leading technology of the present age. The followings are the means that are used in IT.

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01: Best Equipment of IT


A computer is the most important equipment used in IT. A computer is a simple machine, rather a collection of simple machines, some electronic and some mechanical, whose activity are coordinated by a central control unit. These machines can read information, store this information for later use, and issue results in a form understandable by human operators. Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Monitor, Key Board, Mouse, CD-ROM, and Floppy Derive are the main components of a computer.

To connecting with the internet and for the best way of using the internet we used different modems or routers. Now a day wireless router is mostly used for that purpose and also having good output. That use is trendy in the modern era. So, people are mostly preferred to the wireless router.

02: Remarkable Features of Computer


The most remarkable features of a computer are speed, versatility, and accuracy. As life has become speedy and quick, the importance of computer has been multiplied. It is being used in every sphere of life. In industry, it keeps a record of goods, cost, and output. It provides a great deal of help in engineering. It designs buildings of all kinds, gives information about the best material to be used, suggests ideal measures for its safety and gives accurate expenditures on its construction. In the field of education, it has performed wonders. In medicine, it assists to perform various tests, diagnoses diseases and prescribes medicine. In space, sea and earth explorations has performed wonders. It collects information of various heavenly bodies, their properties, and atmospheric conditions. It collects information for us from the most remote parts of the world. It tells us about the treasures hidden deep within the earth’s crust and in the depth of the sea. We control satellite, rockets, missiles, and spaceships by computer.

03: Data Processing


Data processing is the analysis and organization of data by using one or more computer programmer. It is widely used in business, engineering, science and many other fields. Data processing is of two kinds i.e. database processing and transaction processing. A database is a collection of common records stored in a computer. It can be searched, accessed and modified. Bank account records are the examples of such a data. Transaction processing refers to the sharing of data between computer. For this purpose, a network is needed that connects many computers.

04: Global Information System


The internet has imparted new opportunities to government, business, and education. Governments use the internet for internal communication and the distribution of information. Businesses offer goods and services to customers. Many people use the internet for shopping, paying bills and online banking. Educational institutions use the internet for research purposes. They also deliver courses to students at remote areas.

The Internet is a global information system. It works through many interconnected computer networks. Each network may link tens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers. These computers share information with one another. They make information available to others, find the information provided by others.

05: Telecommunication


Telecommunications means the sending and receiving of messages over distances. It consists of devices and systems that transmit electronic signals across long distances. The common devices of telecommunication are the telephone, radio, and television. Telecommunication enables people around the world to contact one another, to access information instantly, and to communicate from remote areas.

06: Great Inventions of Technology


Here we talk about some of those.

The mobile phone is a transmitter and a receiver combined in one unit, it is also called ‘cell phone’. It works like a portable or cordless telephone. Cell phones have become very popular with the masses in this era. The number of cell phone users is increasing each year.

Technology has developed a technology of deadly weapons. The most deadly weapons of technology are the atomic warheads. Eight countries are the declared atomic powers of the world.

Television is one of the most amazing manifestations of modern inventions. It is a definite source of infinite information, entertainment, education and cultural activities of this age. It plays an important role to promote human perception and knowledge. Now, the world has become a global village. It is all because of rapid global transmission of data from one area to a remote one. In this rapid transmission of information, Television is second to none. Television is the most widespread form of communication in the world.

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