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Best Use Of The Sharknado Meme To Date

The Washington, D.C. Humane Society is using Snarknado to help spread the word about the sheer number of cats they have in their shelters.

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D.C. has been hit with a Catnado

The poster is cute and clever, but the issue is a serious one. The Washington Human Society tries not to kill any animal they get, but have received far too many cats at their facilities, and don't have the room to properly house them.

If you'd like to save one of these cuddly furry creatures, you can visit their website to see a list of animals available for adoption. They've waived the adoption fees through Saturday, which means that if you pass a screening you basically get a kitty for free! You can't beat that with a stick.

PS-Even if you don't live in the D.C. area, there are always plenty of animals who could use good homes nationwide.

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