40 Reasons You Know You’re An Appalachian Mountaineer

Black and gold forever, y’all.

1. You know “The Rock” isn’t a movie or the stage name of a wrestler.

2. If this wasn’t the most exciting day of your life…

3. …then odds are one of these were.

4. This is your footwear of choice.

5. Walking to class in a near blizzard doesn’t faze you.

Though, the icy sidewalks might.

6. The sight of this makes you LOL.

Sorry WCU. But seriously, LOL!

7. This is an all too common sight on Sanford Mall.

I’m not sure I will ever understand slacklining, but more power to y’all. I can’t even walk on solid ground without falling.

8. You know it is completely possible to walk uphill both ways.


9. You know it is absolutely acceptable to play your rival in football for the rights to an old moonshine jug.

10. This is where you went to play because it was basically your backyard.

Hebron Rock Colony is the best.

11. This still makes you cringe.

Yes this is legitimate, and yes it was featured on the old VH1 show Web Junk 20, and yes it has been a constant sore spot.

I apologize fellow Mountaineers for dredging this back up. Track me down and I’ll buy you a beer to help you forget.*

*Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.

12. You’ve gotten your day drink on here.

Or Parthenon Cafe if that’s more your speed.

I was always more of a Flipside fan myself, may it rest in peace.

13. You know Black Cat has the best burritos on the planet.

What I wouldn’t give for a White Trash BBQ burrito and a PBR right now.

14. And that Boone Bagelry is the best hangover cure ever.

I need to stop writing about food because my stomach is growling for a Bagelicious overstuffed.

Heaven. On. Earth.

15. While you have mad love for Boone Saloon…

…you know it hasn’t been quite the same since the fire/remodel.

It feels too trendy and clean now. But Taco Tuesday is still one of the best deals in town!

16. This man will always be viewed as a god on campus.

We’ll miss you Coach Moore!

17. So will this one.

Helping win two national championships and beating Michigan should give you a statue on campus.

(Authors Note: I have mad love for Armanti, and am therefore horribly biased, so I don’t want to hear about how he shouldn’t have been drafted by the Panthers and blah blah blah. Haters gonna hate, you guys.)

18. Hearing someone pronounce Appalachian incorrectly is like nails on a chalk board for you.

19. Seeing the first Florida license plate of the season makes you spiral into depression.

Sorry Floridians! But you swarm into Boone like a bunch of locusts.

20. Jumping into this has seemed like a good idea…even in winter.


21. Even if you didn’t do it, odds are you know someone who thru hiked this beauty after graduation.

It’s still on my life list!

22. You’ve taken in the view from Rough Ridge.

Especially during the fall.

Seriously, is there anything more gorgeous than this?!

No. The answer is no there isn’t.

23. You made treks to Blowing Rock to be able to drink liquor.

This is for those who were there pre-fall 2008, when Boone still did not have liquor by the drink, so if you wanted to have a cocktail in a bar or restaurant you had to travel to Blowing Rock to do so.

Hooray booze!

24. You took skiing/snowboarding for PE credit.

Or you did what I did and took both for two separate PE credits.

25. Hungry Howies was your late night pizza jam.

26. You weren’t just a number.

This is a little corny, but for as big as ASU has gotten (and it is still by no means huge) class sizes are small (except for like Intro. to Biology and those other GE classes). And the professors are incredible. I’m sure that’s something you can find at a lot of colleges, but there’s something about the relationships you establish at App. with faculty, staff, and students (that continue on once you leave) that are just really damn special.

27. You checked Ray’s Weather religiously.

Especially in the winter.

28. You have strong feelings on which is the better Mexican restaurant.

Los Arcoiris all the way.

29. You’ve skipped class to go hike and take in the view from an overlook.

Kidding! You would never, ever, ever skip class!

30. You know how truly dangerous and delicious the Candy Barrel at Mast General Store is.

Even President Obama is a fan!

31. You don’t see eye to eye with your Congressional representation.

I could be (and really want to be) extremely snarky here, but I’ll refrain and just say the university is very liberal, and Representative Foxx is well, not.

32. You remember when you could go see movies for two bucks here.

Those were the good old days.

33. You bought a story from Joshua Watauga.

Joshua was a staple on King Street when I was at Appalachian and he was one of the kindest, sweetest souls I have ever met.

He would sell handwritten stories and poems and magic stones. He was absolutely lovely and is dearly missed.

34. You’ve mastered the art of walking backwards to fight the wind.

It gets seriously windy up on the mountain, you guys.

35. You loved being able to use your AppCard at Crossroads.

Same goes for McAlister’s and yes, even Chik-fil-A before we all realized they were crazy.

36. You know we have the greatest mascot ever.

Seriously. Yosef is absolutely badass. I mean, look at that beard!

37. You took advantage of the outdoor programs the university offered.

And if you didn’t then what the hell was wrong with you?!

From camping, to backpacking, to caving, to rock climbing, etc. the programs they offered were incredible and pretty affordable.

Best outdoor school. Hands down. Brevard, you’ve got nothing on us.

38. You were surrounded by good looking people.

I don’t know if it’s the amount of athletic opportunities present at App. or the fresh mountain air, but damn there are some really good looking people at ASU. Whether it be students, professors, or staff Appalachian is full of hotties.

No wonder we’re “hot, hot, hot!”

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

39. You’ve been sledding down “Suicide Hill.”

Bonus points if that involved a whitewater kayak.

40. And because regardless of when you were or how long you were there you know that:

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