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    19 Reasons Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Your Favorite Supreme Court Justice

    R.B.G. is a complete and total boss. Plain and simple.

    1. She's beaten cancer...twice.

    Justice Ginsburg was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999. During her treatment, which included surgery, chemotheraphy, and radiation treatment, she did not miss one day on the bench.

    In 2009 she had surgery related to pancreatic cancer and heard oral arguments a mere 12 days later.

    2. She knows how to spruce up a boring old black robe.

    R.B.G. knows how to rock the lace.


    I can't even with how adorable this is.

    3. Her love of lace transcends her court wardrobe.

    Justice Ginsburg is often spotted wearing very fashionable and completely adorable lace gloves.

    They always match her wardrobe too.

    4. She was a complete and total babe.

    Look at that perfect face and hair!! This picture from her senior year at Cornell taken in 1953 is the epitome of the kind of girl your mom would want you to bring home.

    5. She is one smart cookie.

    Not only did she co-found the Women's Rights Project at the ACLU but she was the first woman to be on two major law reviews, the Harvard Law Review and the Columbia Law Review.

    6. She is delightfully witty.


    7. And delightfully snarky.

    Her opinions are well thought out and well written, and every now and then contain some delicious snark.

    8. There is a slew of great swag featuring her.

    Full disclosure, I own this shirt. Don't wear it if you don't want people stopping you every five minutes to comment on how awesome it is, especially if you live in DC.

    9. There are amazing blogs about her.

    Notorious R.B.G. and Ruth Bader GinsBlog are both absolutely fantastic and pay homage to the awesomeness that is R.B.G.

    10. She's the star of her own comic.

    11. Did I mention she was snarky?

    Because she is and it is glorious.

    12. Her sparring with Justice Scalia was turned into an opera.

    She and Justice Scalia (who are actually best buddies IRL) sat together to hear the opera titled "Scalia/Ginsburg" which is based off their differences on the court.

    13. She is a champion for a woman's right to choose.

    14. And women's rights in general.

    Even before her time on the Supreme Court she fought for equality for women.

    15. She's basically a body builder.

    Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. But in a profile by Jeffrey Toobin it was revealed that Justice Ginsburg works out with a personal trainer, can do 20 push ups, and works out on machines with a higher resistance level than Justice Breyer.

    16. She had dreams of being a diva.

    She has said that if God could give her any talent she would be "a great diva" in the operatic sense.

    Even if she isn't an opera star, she is still a complete and total diva in our books.

    17. She and President Obama have the most adorable friendship.

    She has a picture of him hugging her hanging in her office, and he has talked about his "soft spot" for her.

    Does anyone else just want to go happy hour with these two and watch the platonic love fest unfold in person?!

    18. This is how she gets to work.

    Hey. Unless you've seen her arrive at the Supreme Court you can't tell me different.

    19. Basically she's just wonderful.

    Embrace the crush you now have on her, because it is completely natural.

    We love you, R.B.G.!