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    Top 10 Things Only Soon-To-Be Graduates Will Understand

    You're almost there... but yet still expected to be functional? WTF is that?

    Time has actually come to a complete stop.


    Pretty sure the last semester has to be the slowest thing of all time. Ever.

    Procrastination is the only thing you're good at anymore.


    And making excuses. You're probably pretty good at that too.

    You have a scripted answer to the dreaded question, "So, what are you doing next?" Even if you have no idea.


    Although, a loaded gun might be a more effective strategy at this point.

    You know and fear the date your student loan repayment begins.


    It's like a looming Armageddon, and that's pretty much the only way you're getting out of it.

    You've contemplated bartending as a viable career choice.


    Because they're actually paid more than the starting salary in your field. Or because you can't find a job in general...

    You can no longer sympathize with anyone complaining about writing a 3 page final.


    I have two words for you: thesis project. Until you have written one of these your complaints are irrelevant.

    You have no idea how you are going to function on a normal 9-5 schedule.


    There is not enough Starbuck's in the world for 9am...

    You no longer bother to shower or even get dressed for class.


    Let's just be honest. You probably lost all self-respect at the bar last weekend.... what's the point?

    You're bitter that you have to pay for graduation.


    Yeah. After you pay thousands of dollars to attend, you then have to give them money to let you leave. It's basically a hostage situation for your diploma.

    You no longer have any f---s to give.



    So, congratulations you're almost done.


    Welcome to the real world... way to think that one through.

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