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10 Annoying Things That Happen When Moving To A New House

Inventing a time machine to fast-forward this process seems more plausible than actually getting all your stuff moved.

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1. You will inevitably lose something you need before the move in a massive pile of boxes.


... ie. remote, checkbook, hair piece.

2. You realize that your housekeeping skills are extremely minimal given the amount of dust behind your furniture.


But is anything ever really clean enough for you?

3. You discover that you are, in fact, a hoarder.


Why do I have all these things? But I need that... and that... and that too.

4. There is never enough tape.


Where does it all go?

5. No one that offers to help knows anything about packing.


The people that do, don't offer. Fact.

6. It will always cost more than you think.


There will always be something you need to buy that you didn't know about; like the plastic wrap for your husband's dead body after he throws out an antique.

7. The 'packing pounds' make the freshman fifteen look minuscule.


Fast food, plus canceled gym membership equals jiggles.

8. You must make peace with the fact that something will break.


... as devastating as that may be.

9. Figuring out how and when to change all your utilities and services will be a serious source of anxiety.


and possibly nightmares.

10. You will seriously consider that moving may not be an option for you.


But don't worry, you only need to unpack everything you just put in all those boxes. Piece of cake.

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