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    31 Home Items From Target That Reviewers Think Are Worth Every Penny

    Furniture, decor, and kitchen accessories your home will thank you for.

    1. A three-tier plant stand for when you want to show off all your plant babies and you’ve already run out of room on your window sill.

    The plant stand with three plants

    2. A geometric nightstand because the unique design can be the focal point of the space but the color makes it easy to blend with other decor and furniture, too.

    The nightstand being used in bedroom

    3. A velvet arm chair that’ll be your go-to lounge spot thanks to its tub-style design and comfy cushion.

    The rolling velvet chair in emerald green

    4. A round ottoman so you can seamlessly add a pop of color to your living room without having to worry if it’ll match your other decor.

    The floral ottoman in a living room

    5. An automatic milk frother for when you want to make barista-level lattes with the touch of a button.

    The milk frother on a counter

    6. A duvet cover and sham set because you change up the look of your bedroom without having to sacrifice your comforter that’s broken in to perfection.

    The duvet cover set on bed

    7. A spotted peel-and-stick wallpaper that’ll make it easy to upgrade any plain white walls to fit your style. Plus, it’s easy to remove in case you ever want to change it up again.

    The spotted wallpaper on bathroom walls

    8. An entryway bench so you can store toys, extra linens, and other accessories that are taking over the hall closet.

    The gray entryway bench

    9. A mantel mirror for when you want a touch of modern design for your living room. It’ll even open up the room so the whole space will appear larger.

    The mirror above a mantel

    10. A color-changing diffuser, because you can spread good energy through your home all day thanks to a nine-hour run time.

    The diffuser in use

    11. A set of faux leather chairs that’ll work as dining room seating or as a stylish addition to your home office.

    The brown chairs in a dining room

    12. A key hook so you’re always prepared with a spare when you’re running out the door and can’t find your set.

    The key hook hanging in an entryway

    13. A faux fur throw pillow, because the simple design makes it easy to curate an eclectic mix of styles on your couch.

    The brown faux fur pillow

    14. An alarm clock that’ll charge your phone and still leave you ample space on your nightstand for other odds and ends.

    The alarm clock charging a phone

    15. A decorative gold figurine so you can get the look of high-end decor without the price point.

    The gold figurine on a mantel

    16. A folding secretary desk for when you need a home office but don’t have a ton of space to set one up.

    The brown desk in use

    17. A colorful pouf because the bohemian style adds extra texture and dimension to any space. Plus, it’s the perfect extra seating for movie night.

    The pink and white pouf in a living room

    18. A 16-piece dinnerware set that’ll amp up your home-cooked meal thanks to its Moroccan tile-inspired design. It’s even dishwasher-safe so cleanup will be a breeze.

    The dinnerware set on a table

    19. A set of decorative wall art so you style the pieces together for a cohesive vintage style or use them to kickstart a gallery wall.

    The three piece set hanging on wall

    20. A floor lamp for when you’re cozy in your reading nook and want to make sure you have the perfect lighting.

    The floor lamp in use

    21. A wire basket because you can fit a few of them into your linen closet for an organized look that would even impress the Home Edit team.

    The wire baskets on shelf

    22. A console table that’ll fit perfectly in small spaces and even double as a stylish desk.

    The console table in an entryway

    23. A stylish Jonathan Adler x Keurig single-serve coffee maker so you can make the perfect cup (or two) each morning without taking up too much counter space.

    The coffee maker on a countertop

    24. A floral shower curtain for when you want to spruce up your bathroom without any major commitments. It’ll even tie the whole space together if you have different colored towels, rugs, and accessories.

    The floral shower curtain hanging

    25. A spoon rest, because it’s way better than having to clean food stains off the counter.

    The spoon rest

    26. A kitchen mat that’ll make washing the dishes way more comfortable for your back and feet. It’s even made of an anti-fatigue material so you won’t have to worry about having to replace it anytime soon.

    The mat on a kitchen floor

    27. A gold bar cart so you can organize all of your happy hour essentials in one spot. It also doubles as an organizer for office supplies, linens, and anything else you need extra space for.

    The rolling bar cart with barware and bottles

    28. A circular shelf for when your little one wants the perfect spot to show off their favorite toys. You can even use it in other rooms around the house for photos and decorative pieces.

    The gold shelf hanging

    29. A letterboard set so you can stylishly feature to-do lists, grocery lists, and inspirational sayings around your home.

    The letterboard set with a greeting

    30. A faux fur throw that’ll give all the benefits of the real deal: warmth, comfort, and style.

    The blue throw blanket

    31. A canister set so you can keep coffee, sugar, flour, and cereal fresh and handy at all times.

    The canister set

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