Empire Magazine Are Preparing For The New X-Men Film In The Coolest Way Possible.

To celebrate the May release of X-men; Days of Future Past, Empire Magazine have gone all out to pay tribute to our favourite mutants with limited edition covers of the magazine. Here’s what the 25 covers there are to collect show about how amazing the new film is going to be.

1. 1. Bryan Singer joins the pack

You have to wonder what his mutant ability would be………….

2. 2. Professor Charles Xavier gets the aging treatment

And ends up looking way more badass

4. 3. As does Magneto

And once again the aged version looks far superior.

6. 4. But Empire can have hiccups

Bolivar Trask looks like he should be in Anchorman.

And Toad doesn’t look menacing, so much as just odd.

8. 5. And as the central focus Wolverine also gets a double feature

Ladies, take your pick.

10. 6. You really wouldn’t mess with Storm

If there’s one thing the UK doesn’t need is anyone making our weather worse, be nice to her at all times.

11. 7. Although you’d probably like to get close to Rogue

Sure, prolonged contact with her could kill you but it’d be worth the risk.

12. 8. But J-Law as Mystique tops them both

I mean does it really need explaining, the fact that it’s Jennifer Lawrence is all the proof you need.

13. 9. However the blue vixen should watch her back

Because Blink is a new mutant on the scene who threatens to take the prize for hottest mutant with that awesome purple hair.

14. 10. Hang on….haven’t I seen Iceman somewhere before?

Didn’t he just sign for Manchester United?

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