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    14 Hilarious Memes Of Lizzo's Incredibly Tiny Purse

    We don't deserve Lizzo or her tiny purse.

    Let's face it. Lizzo's tiny purse was the real star of the AMAs red carpet.


    Now, let's get out our magnifying glasses and take a much-needed closer look at what the internet had to say.

    1. When you've had it up to ~here~ with men's bullshit

    Can’t believe Lizzo brought my patience with men to the #AMAs

    Honestly, she could have gone smaller.

    2. Or when end-of-semester finals are quickly approaching

    lizzo carrying the amount of motivation I have left to make it through the rest of this semester:

    Sorry, professor. The textbook didn't fit inside my bag.

    3. OK, why'd we have to bring money into this?

    Lizzo is carrying my bank account

    It hurts because it's true.

    4. This top-notch detective work that solved the case of Halsey's missing brows

    Lizzo is holding Halsey’s eyebrows hostage in that purse. #AMAs

    Jc Olivera / Getty Images/Austin Allie

    5. The perfect attitude to bring into the new decade

    Lizzo carrying the amount of fcks I give #AMAs

    New year, new mini purse.

    6. This nod to Taylor Swift's record-breaking AMA year

    Lizzo carried the amount of support Taylor Swift received from male musicians this year #AMAs

    Well, someone had to say it.

    7. A sad yet relatable observation

    I can’t believe Lizzo carried my self esteem on the AMA’s red carpet

    Maybe we'll need a bigger purse next year. 😔

    8. The post that hits every working person right in the bank account

    9. When you're walking into work before the Black Friday shift begins

    10. A motivational quote we should all strive to live by

    11. Or when we're called out for that one resolution we made at the beginning of the year to actually save money

    12. What about when you keep opening your closet hoping you'll find something you don't feel ugly in, but all you have are five-year-old t-shirts with holes in them and jeans you haven't washed since last July

    13. The real reason Lizzo chose such a small purse

    #Lizzo could only carry a tiny purse because she was too busy carrying all that talent #AMAs2019

    Carrying the music industry on your back can't be easy.

    14. And lastly, this iconic moment that Lizzo personally requested for very important reasons

    Mini purse-ception.

    What were your favorite mini-purse moments?


    Let us know in the comments below! 👇🏾