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What Things Do Couples Forget To Discuss Before Marriage That Shouldn't Be Ignored?

You should probably write these down.

Marriage is a beautiful and magical thing, but it also requires a lot of hard work and communication. Even if you feel a spark, there is still a lot to discuss before you spend your lives together.


So, we want to know: what things should you absolutely discuss with your partner before marriage, but usually aren't talked about?

Phil and Claire from "Modern Family"

Sometimes, talking about your relationship with your in-laws is something that might be overlooked. Whose house are you going to for the holidays? Are you planning on bringing them to live with you when they get older?

Abby with Harper's parents in "Happiest Season"

Or you may have forgotten to discuss the details of how you plan on raising any children you have. Will they be raised with a strict set of rules, or are they allowed to have a lot of freedom? What type of punishments will you conduct?

Simon and Daphne and their child from "Bridgerton"

Perhaps you forgot how important it was to talk about your individual career goals. Will your jobs require you to take long hours or move all over the country? Are you expecting someone to be a stay-at-home spouse, or will you both work?

Chandler and Phoebe from "Friends" in the office

Either way, we want to know! What things do you think need to be discussed before marriage that are often overlooked? Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.