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    21 Controversial "Bachelor" And "Bachelorette" Opinions That Needed To Be Said Out Loud

    "It is much more interesting to watch when the producers get involved."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of their most controversial Bachelor and Bachelorette opinions. Here are the results:

    1. "The 'villains' are usually the realest people on the show."


    "The villains are the only contestants not afraid to speak their mind. They don’t put on a front for the cameras, and you actually see who they are as a person."


    2. "It doesn't matter who the Bachelor or Bachelorette is."


    "The show is ALL about the contestants, and it’s the casting that truly makes or breaks a season. Ben Flajnik was arguably the most forgettable Bachelor, yet his season gave us Courtney Robertson, the best villain in the series' history."


    3. "Demi Burnett was the best one on Colton Underwood’s season."


    "Demi was self-centered at times, but she was hilarious and fun to watch. She made Colton’s season so much better."


    4. "Hannah Ann Sluss isn’t actually that bad."


    "Hannah Ann was pushy in the first couple episodes, but she actually seems like such a sweet person. She doesn’t deserve the hate that she gets."


    5. "Hannah Brown was the bully on Colton Underwood's season."


    "Hannah was more focused on competing with and bashing Caelynn than on developing her relationship with Colton."


    6. "Peter Weber has the emotional maturity of a 14-year-old boy."


    "Yes, there was a lot of drama with the girls, but Peter rewarded their bad actions and gave second chances to people who didn't deserve them. With the same contestants but a different Bachelor, I think this season could’ve been excellent."


    7. "Brad Womack was right not to choose a winner on Season 11."


    "He honestly shouldn't have been villainized. While I'm sure he had very strong feelings for both women, he was correct not to propose to either if he didn't feel like he could."


    8. "Clare Crawley is a bad choice for The Bachelorette."


    "Clare has already been on variations of the show too many times and needs to try something else."


    9. "Kelley Flanagan should be the next Bachelorette."


    "Kelley would be a breath of fresh air, considering all the drama and bullshit we've had to endure this season. She's the only girl from Peter's season who knows what she wants and isn't a clout chaser."


    10. "Tia Booth should never be the Bachelorette."


    "Tia lacked depth and sabotaged other women's relationships. She clearly had no interest in Arie and only hung around because she wanted to be the next Bachelorette."


    11. "Mike Johnson should’ve been this season’s Bachelor."


    "Mike was way more interesting than Peter and much cuter. What can you say about Peter, other than he’s a pilot with the windmill story from Hannah B.'s season? Not to mention, there hasn't been a single black Bachelor in all 24 seasons."


    12. "Aaron Buerge shouldn't have ended up with Helene Eksterowicz."


    "Instead of Helene, Aaron should have ended up with Gwen. They both liked each other so much, but he let her go because he didn't know how she felt. You could tell they were both so disappointed."


    13. "Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick were not a good match."

    14. "The 'Women/Men Tell All' is the best episode of the season."


    "The romance on the show is great, but watching a group of women or men yell at each other for two hours over the dumbest things during the 'Women/Men Tell All' episode is very entertaining."


    15. "The producers are way too heavy-handed."


    "While I don't expect 100% reality, I want some of it to be real! The producers staged 'Champagne-Gate' and the Chase Rice concert debacle this season. The show is edited to portray producer faves as the 'good guys' and the people they don't like as the 'villains.'"


    16. "I wish the producers and editors showed more of the 'real' conversations."


    "I want to hear the contestants and Bachelor or Bachelorette talk about values, careers, religion, morals, goals, etc. I can’t handle another season of 'I have trust issues but you’re teaching me how to lower my walls.'"


    17. "Manufacturing 'perfect dates' makes contestants think they feel something that isn't real."


    "Of course you feel like you are falling in love after taking a helicopter ride over a waterfall with someone you are physically attracted to. If you just went out with someone who was also dating other people to, like, Olive Garden, it wouldn’t feel as romantic."


    18. "I like when the producers meddle."


    "I actually love when the producers get involved. It does add to the artificiality of it all, but it makes it much more interesting to watch."


    19. "Bachelor in Paradise is better than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette."


    "How am I supposed to believe all 20 women were instantly head-over-heels for Peter? Bachelor in Paradise is way more realistic and has more successful couples."


    20. "The Bachelor is not reality TV — it's a soap opera."


    "Most contestants are looking for their 15 minutes of fame or trying to promote themselves on social media. I wish they could go back to what the show started out truly being: people trying to find true love!"


    21. And, "the age limit needs to be older."


    "Casting needs to move away from barely-legal Instagram influencers whose personalities are based on looks, and get back to the thirtysomethings with jobs and exes and kids. They're fully fleshed-out humans who understand the stakes of a relationship."


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