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Here Are The Best Quizzes From March 2021

We know what you'll be doing for the next 5 hours.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from March 2021 — in one place for your convenience.

2. These 15 Famous People Always Get Mistaken For Other Celebs – Can You Tell Them Apart?

@elizabethbanks and/or @itsjuliebowen / / Via

Yes, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain, and Christina Hendricks are all different people. Take the quiz here.

4. I'm Gonna Ask You 40 Questions About How You Speak — Then I'll Guess Exactly Where You Live

Will Smith from the Fresh Prince looking shocked over a map of the US
Getty / NBC

Have you ever told someone to "shut the lights"? Take the quiz here.

5. When You Hear These Names, Do You Think Of The Same TV Characters As Everyone Else?

Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, and Spencer Shay from iCarly with caption "pick a spencer"
ABC Family / Freeform / CBS / Nickelodeon

Not me forgetting every TV show I've ever seen right before taking this quiz. Take the quiz here.

6. I Bet You Can't Guess The Disney Classic From These Random Characters


It sounds easy, but it's really hard. Take the quiz here.

8. Can You Stay Under A $1000 Wedding Budget Or Are You Bougie?

Ring in heart shaped box
George Khelashvili / Getty Images

Yacht or garage? Take the quiz here.

9. Nobody Is Actually Smart Except People Who Ace This Random Trivia Quiz

Side-by-side images of Princess Buttercup and chlorophyll
20th Century Fox / Getty

What shape is a stop sign? Take the quiz here.

10. Only 25% Of People Can Make It Through This Dinner Party Without Breaking Any Etiquette Rules

The fancy luncheon in "Crazy Rich Asians"
Warner Bros. Pictures

Failing would just be bad manners. Take the quiz here.

11. Can You Identify 75% Of The Correct Wedding Dresses From Iconic Movies?

Bella and Katniss's wedding dresses
Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate

Are you up to the challenge? Take the quiz here.

12. I'm Genuinely Curious Which Of These Same Age Celebs You Prefer

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images/ Dominik Bindl / Getty Images

Who are you stanning these days? Take the quiz here.

13. I'm Not Saying You're A Bad Cook, But If You've Done 15/21 Of These Things, It's Not Looking Good

Side-by-side images of Guy Fieri and someone washing a chicken
Food Network / Getty

No five-second rules allowed! Take the quiz here.

15. Let's Fight About Whether These 18 Controversial Wedding Things Are Bridezilla Behaviors

Bride screaming at phone and hair dye with the words "Asking bridesmaids to dye their hair?"

Banning certain songs from the dance floor? Take the quiz here.

16. If You Had At Least 50 Of These Songs On Your iPod, You're A True 2000s Kid

On the left, James from Big Time Rush in the "Boyfriend" music video, and on the right, someone holding up an iPod
Columbia / Getty

Bonus points if you downloaded them using a YouTube to MP3 site. Take the quiz here.

17. Your Stance On These Underrated Foods Will Determine If You're Over 20 Or Under 20

White chocolate and bread and butter

I'm sorry, but white chocolate is criminally underrated. Take the quiz here.

18. Put Together An Outfit And We’ll Tell You If You Have What It Takes To Be A Stylist

On the left, Tan France opening his mouth wide in horror on an episode of "Queer Eye," and on the right, someone posing while wearing a body suit with a deep v and high-rise jeans
Netflix / Getty

Let’s make a ~statement~! Take the quiz here.

19. We'll Crown You As A Disney Expert If You Can Match The Dessert To The Movie

Snow White is on the left holding a pie with a bowl of cookies on the right

You should be able to ace this quiz! Take the quiz here.

20. If You Don't Ace This Random Knowledge Quiz, Your Brain Has Some Empty Spots

Side-by-side images of Mr. Ratburn from "Arthur" and Edgar Allan Poe
Getty / PBS

What is the first digit of pi? Take the quiz here.

24. These Movie Dresses Are Iconic — Can You Match Them To The Rom-Com They're From?

the green dress from when harry met sally on the right and the multi-colored dress from 13 going on 30 on the right
Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures Releasing

The Pretty Woman dress = the dress of my dreams. Take the quiz here.

25. Most People Can't Identify All 16 Of These Natural Redheads, But You Can Try

Ed Sheeran and Madelaine Petsch
Patrick Aventurier / WireImage / Getty Images / John Shearer / Getty Images

Ed Sheeran, is that you?! Take the quiz here.

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