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Take These 15 Quizzes To Keep You Entertained This Weekend

The real question is, why wouldn't you take these quizzes?

1. If You've Eaten 28/36 Of These Foods, You're Potato's Number One Fan

Home fries and potato gnocchi

Are you a die-hard potato lover or just a fake? Take the quiz here.

2. People With An Average Brain Will Get 6/10 On This Quiz, But Smarties Will Get 8/10

Map of India and pouring chocolate sauce

This is a totally accurate way to test your knowledge. Take the quiz here.

3. Sorry, Only Real Foodies Have Eaten All 34 Of These Delicious Breakfast Foods

Fruity syrup covered pancakes and Alfredo from "Ratatouille" wearing his cooking outfit
Getty / Disney / Pixar

Have you ever eaten biscuits and gravy for breakfast? Take the quiz here.

4. I Am Genuinely Curious If You Have Any Idea, At All, Who These 31 People Are?

Anna Nicole Smith with the word "Her" and Jonathan Taylor Thomas with the word "him"

Time to really reveal your age. Take the quiz here.

6. Build The Perfect Lazy Meal And We'll Tell You How Datable You Are

Boxed mac and cheese with the number "15%" and instant ramen with the number "99%"

Pizza rolls = very datable in my opinion. Take the quiz here.

7. Are These Hot TV Guys Hotter Than The Actors Who Play Them?

Jake Peralta from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and Andy Samberg
NBC / @thelonelyisland /

Jughead Jones from Riverdale or Cole Sprouse? Take the quiz here.

8. This "Watched It" Or "Skipped It" Halloween Movie Quiz Will Reveal If You're Gen-Z, Millennial, Or Cusper

Coraline in pajamas looking upset and Velma in "Scooby-Doo" talking in a walkie-talkie
Focus Features / Warner Bros. Pictures

Did you watch The Nightmare Before Christmas or nah? Take the quiz here.

9. It'll Take A Real Movie Fan To Match These Disney Parents To Their Kids

Tarzan's mom and Aladdin's dad

What does Aladdin's dad look like? Take the quiz here.

10. I'm Sorry, But You'll Only Be Able To Pass This Geography Test If You Consider Yourself The Smart Friend

Britney Spears with a confused expression on her face and an illustration of a world map in the background
Fremantle / Fox / Getty

Is Japan east or west of South Korea? Take the quiz here.

11. Only Millennials Will Remember These Oddly Specific Classroom Artifacts From The '90s

Someone running their finger along a crease in a hallway wall, and Charli D'Amelio looking shocked
u/ragincasian1 / / Charli D'Amelio /

Do you remember those mini treasure chests for your lost tooth? Take the quiz here.

12. I Bet You Can't Answer Just One Math Question For All 13 Grades In The US

Ms. Honey from "Matilda" and a girl doing a math problem on a white board
Sony Pictures Releasing / Getty

What's 2 + 2? Take the quiz here.

13. Can We Guess Your Favorite Type Of Cuisine?

Nachos with the word "Mexican" and hamburger with the word "American"

Are you more of a ramen or pizza type of person? Take the quiz here.

15. If You've Worn Over A Dozen Of These Halloween Costumes, Sorry, Ya Basic

Sandy from "Grease" and Regina with shirt cut out on "Mean Girls"
Paramount Pictures / Paramount Pictures

Tell the truth, have you ever dressed up as a sexy witch? Take the quiz here.

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