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    17 Quizzes To Take If You've Already Been On TikTok For 5 Hours Today

    Time to mix it up with some new quizzes!

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best personality and trivia quizzes — in one place for your convenience.

    2. I'm Gonna Ask You 13 "Which Came First?" Questions — Then We'll See How Smart You Really Are

    "Titanic" on vhs or Daniel Radcliffe

    3. Who Should Be Your Celebrity Boyfriend According To Your Birth Chart?

    Harry Styles on the left and Manny Jacinto on the right

    4. If You've Listened To 25/50 Of My Favorite Songs, You're Now My Best Friend

    SZA and Olivia Rodrigo posing

    5. Can You Spend A Weekend In Vegas On A $10,000 Budget?

    Katy Perry in the music video for "Waking Up In Vegas"

    6. Can You Name A "Friends" Character For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?

    "Friends" characters with the letters A and B

    7. There's Two Types Of People In The World — Blondes And Non-Blondes, And We Know Which One You Are

    Sharpay Evans with words "100% Blonde" and Isis from "Bring it On" with words "0% Blonde"

    8. How Many Of These 31 TV Dads Can You Identify? If Its Under 20, You've Got Daddy Issues

    Schitt's Creek Rose family

    9. I Bet You $50k That I Can Guess Which State You Live In Based On The Desserts You Choose

    Sugar pie is on the left labeled, "Boston" with chocolate pie labeled, "Pennsylvania"

    10. Sorry To Be Nosy, But I Won't Be Able To Rest Unless I Know If You Think These Names Are More First Or Last Names

    A side by side photo of Jackson Avery from "Grey's Anatomy" and Quinn Fabray from "Glee"

    11. If You Check Off More Than Half Of These Things, Then You're Definitely The Loyal Friend

    A checklist is on the left with Mushu holding his hands out

    12. I Morphed My Face With 15 Different Famous People — I Bet You Can't Guess Who The Celebrities Are

    Side-by-side of two famous actors whose faces were distorted in photoshop

    13. If You Can Recognize 12/21 Of These Logos, You're Too Big Of A Nerd

    The Transformers logo and the Rebel Alliance logo

    14. Cook A Three-Course Dinner To Reveal Which YA Book You Should Read Next

    Book cover for "Love & Gelato" and chicken caesar salad

    15. This Oddly Specific 2000s Girl Trivia Quiz Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

    Girls at a bar with the words "What movie is this from?"

    16. Doubt Us All You Want, But We Can Guess Your Favorite Season Based On Your Wedding Dress Preferences

    Woman in wedding dress equals winter scene

    17. It's Time To Play "Would You Rather" With The Cast Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Tom Holland or Zendaya