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17 Spelling Quizzes That Will Separate The Teacher's Pets From The Slackers

These quizzes are B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of spelling quizzes to test your knowledge — in one place for your convenience.

1. These 10 Words Are Often Misspelled — Let's See If You Can Guess The Correct Spelling

Spelling quiz from "Akeelah and the Bee" with the words "Think you can spell?"

2. The Hardest Food Spelling Test On The Internet

fettuccine or fetticcini?

3. Unless You're A Celeb Expert, There's No Way You'll Get 12/12 On This Celebrity Names Quiz

Deschanel with the words "Zoe?, Zoey?, and Zooey?"

4. If You Spell 9/12 Of These 15-Letter Words, Then Congrats, You Probably Had A High SAT Score

5. There Are 50 States In The US — Spell Just 17 To Pass This Quiz

Elizabeth from "Bad Teacher" with the words "Hawiaa? or Hawaii?"

6. Can You Correctly Spell The Parts Of The Female Reproductive System?

Suggestive tree

7. Think You Can Tell American Spellings From British Spellings? Have A Go At It

Color vs colour

8. This A–Z Disney Spelling Quiz Will Have You Scratching Your Head

Parrot in "Aladdin"

9. Most College Students Can't Spell These Words Correctly — Find Out If You Deserve To Graduate Or Not

"Parlament? or parliament?"

10. If You Get 18/20 On This Harry Potter Spelling Test, You’re Hermione

Hermione looking shocked

11. I'll Be Genuinely Impressed If You Can Match These Pictures To Their Correct Spellings

12. Only 1/100 People Can Get A Perfect Score On This Sudden Death Word Test


13. Only A True Beauty Addict Can Get 7 Out Of 10 On This Spelling Quiz

Beauty supplies

14. If You Can Pass This Countries Spelling Test, You Are Hands Down The Smartest Person Ever

"Colombia or Columbia"

15. If You Can Get 8/10 On This Spelling Test, You’re A Color Genius

Rainbow colors

16. Can You Pass This Tricky Pokémon Spelling Test?

Pokemon looking happy

17. If You Can Spell 9/12 Of These Scientific Words Correctly, You Seriously Know Your -Ologies