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    Shocking Employee Secrets And Stories From Your Favorite Chains

    "One time, a lady passing by the store said we sold 'the devil's panties.'"

    Before you continue reading, I want you to know that this post *might* contain a bunch of employee stories and secrets that you've already read.

    BuzzFeed has been publishing tales from employees for years, and everyone seems to love reading about them! Since the feedback has been so positive, we wanted to put a bunch of them all in one place for your reading convenience.

    Here are 231 employee stories and secrets that I'm happy to be let in on:


    1. "I used to pierce people’s ears. My 'training' consisted of me shooting the piercing gun at a piece of paper with a dot on it once. I don’t even remember if I hit the dot. Then I was let loose to the public."

    2. "At the end of your shift or when you went on break, you had to turn your pockets inside out and lift up pant legs to prove you didn't have any merchandise on you when you left the store."


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    "Spencer's has no fitting rooms. People would get naked to try on the linger regardless" and "Sharing the music playlist was a fireable offense."


    3. "Here’s for the lady today who hadn’t even paid me yet and said, 'I’m glad your coworkers are having such a great conversation, but they need to get started on my drink because I’m in a rush.'”

    4. "Customer: 'I just WANT a BLACK coffee no frappa dappa chino no unicorn dustchino.' Me: 'Okay what siz-' Customer: 'No rainbow fairy drink just old fashioned coffee.' Me: 'That's great what size do yo-' Customer: 'I'm probably the only black coffee drinker anymore.'"


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    5. "There were ALWAYS customers looking for a movie that they forgot the title of, but made you guess the movie based on their super-vague descriptions of it."

    6. "Our most stolen DVD was The Notebook. We eventually stopped carrying it because we'd keep having to replace it every few weeks."


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    Victoria's Secret:

    7. "The number of men who would try the, 'My gf/wife is exactly your size...maybe you could try this on so I can get an idea of what it might look like on her?' was disgusting."

    8. "We had to CONSTANTLY push the Angels card and were told we had to get three 'no’s' out of each customer before we could stop talking about it."


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    9. "On almost a biweekly basis, a 'secret shopper' would come in — someone undercover in the company pretending to be a regular customer — and grade you. If you missed two steps, it was an automatic termination. I saw several good waitresses, who got oversat (meaning they had too many tables at once) and weren’t able to follow the procedure in a timely manner on the table with the 'secret shopper,' and poof! They were gone."

    10. "One of the things that shocked me the most was that there are no assigned tables to servers. And almost every person that came in was a regular and had 'their girl' who they picked for their server."


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    11. "The best time to order nuggets is at lunch time. Managers change the grease at night and chicken products get their own grease tray, so if the managers are about their business, the freshest nuggets are served at lunch."

    12. "There's actually an alarm that rings every hour that signals all workers to wash their hands. We had to wash our hands every single time we went to the lobby or to the cold chambers."


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    13. Dunkin Donuts:

    14. "I hate when customers yell at me at Dunkin' because the donuts are 'too expensive'.. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you NEEDED donuts."

    15. "When people order 4 dozen donuts through the drive thru& want to pick out the kind they want.."


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    16. "We would never snoop through a person's device, ever. But sometimes people don't realize what they've left open on their screen when they hand it to us. *Cue awkward fumble to close tabs.*"

    17. "We know that some people just come in to check their email or Facebook, and we don't mind! We've got hundreds of devices lying around — go ahead and use them!"


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    Abercrombie and Fitch:

    18. "There were literal diagrams of where we had to spray the cologne. Like 6 inches above the hem of pants, and 8 inches to the inside of a rug."

    19. "My job there was literally to sit in a chair at the entrance, read a magazine, and flirt with a male floor model."


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    Forever 21:

    20. "The stockroom was just a giant pile of clothes that got chucked into the back room. Literal piles of clothes stacked 20 feet high in a room probably 15x30 feet. It looked like a landfill of clothes. I only worked there a month because I couldn’t take it anymore."

    21. "A woman and her daughter were shopping in my section, and the mother came up to me and said, 'This store should be divided into two sections, slut and non-slut.' Her daughter seemed embarrassed, and I don't think I even responded. I was so shocked."


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    Millie Bobby Brown with the words "We threw away $3000 of jewelry, just because it got wet."

    Hot Topic:

    22. "I really liked trying to help those lost parents. I made sure to be soft with them, because I figured shopping there was the best way they knew how to support their child who was 'different.'"

    23. "On more than one occasion, parents did complain to the mall that we had an 'offensive' shirt or sign visible from the outside. The most complaints we got were about the Happy Bunny merchandise."


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