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    17 Things Students Actually Asked In Sex-Ed Class That Have Me Very Alarmed For The Future Of Our Species

    "Can a girl get pregnant from walking through a field of pollen?"

    Reddit user u/ShadowAssassinVI recently asked, "Sex-ed teachers of Reddit, what was the one most disturbing question or class you’ve ever taught?" and here are some of the wildest questions that students have asked their teachers. Let's just say the responses have proved that we need a better sex education system.

    1. "One of the students wanted to know if you were supposed to put your testicles inside a woman’s vagina during intercourse."

    2. "One kid asked if you masturbate yourself, doesn’t that mean you’re gay?"


    3. "One kid in health class asked if men had eggs. When my teacher said no and explained it, he looked so relieved."


    4. "I asked my sex-ed teacher if a person born with both sex organs could impregnate themselves."


    5. "One girl in class asked the biology teacher whether semen could be used as a replacement for breast milk."

    6. "An 11th grade boy asked me if it was possible to permanently run out of semen by masturbating too much."


    7. "One fifth grade student asked if a penis had a bone in it and if that’s why they called it a boner."


    8. "One middle schooler asked if in order to have twins you have to have sex twice as hard."


    9. "One ninth grader asked whether tinfoil could be used as a condom in emergency situations."

    10. "Someone asked, when two gay men have sex, how do they know whose penis will open up to accept the other person's penis?"


    11. "After the middle school health teacher explained that women have three holes, one boy asked what happened if you put it in the wrong hole.”


    12. "One student asked whether a woman could get pregnant if a man were to ejaculate in a pool while she was in it."


    13. "A seventh grade girl asked if you could get pregnant from sleeping with a ghost."

    14. "One girl asked if semen is made from protein, then why is it salty?"


    15. "One ninth grader in sex-ed class asked if a girl could get pregnant from swallowing semen."


    16. "One student asked what would happen to her genitalia and her hymen if she had premarital intercourse. Unsurprisingly, she had gone to a religious school before she got there."


    17. "One kid asked if a girl could get pregnant from walking through a field of pollen."