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12 Quizzes From This Week To Tide You Over Until Christmas

What is better than Christmas movies and Disney princesses?

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of trivia quizzes — in one place for your convenience. Can you pass them all?

1. This Mandela Effect-Like Christmas Quiz Will Totally Confuse You

Buddy the Elf in a costume with embroidery and a costume with white lapels
New Line Cinema

What does Buddy's real elf outfit look like in Elf? Take the quiz here.

2. Your Dress Choices Will Reveal Which Underrated Disney Lady You Are

Purple dress and Meg from "Hercules"
Getty / Disney

Long sleeves or short sleeves? Take the quiz here.

3. I'm Curious Who You Think The Jerk Is In These 10 Holiday Stories

"Degrassi: the next class" with the words "am I the a-hole for buying my girlfriend a present so I could use it myself?"
MTV Canada / Netflix

Am I the a-hole: holiday edition. Take the quiz here.

4. Can You Name Just 4/13 Of These Disney Characters Without Their Faces?

Jane from "Tarzan" without facial features

You'd be surprised how important facial features are. Take the quiz here.

5. Check Off Which Rich-People Presents You Got As A Kid And We'll Tell You What Percent Spoiled You Were

Getty / Warner Bros. Pictures

If you got an American Girl horse, we are not the same. Take the quiz here.

6. I Vaguely Described 10 Disney Princesses — Can You Correctly Guess Which Ones I'm Talking About?

Anna from "Frozen" with the words "An orphan is obsessed with marriage."

Who is this describing: "A girl's curse ends with a kiss from a stranger who happens to be a prince." Take the quiz here.

8. Can You Identify All 10 Of The Features On This Disney Franken-Princess?

A Disney princess with 10 different features from several Disney princesses

Whose nose does this princess have? Take the quiz here.

9. This "Watched It Or Skipped It" Christmas Movie Quiz Will Determine Your Age With 99.4% Accuracy

The Grinch with the words "Watched it" and "Home Alone" with the words "Skipped it"
Universal Pictures / 20th Century Fox/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Have you seen Home Alone? Take the quiz here.

11. You Have $1 Million To Go On A Luxury Shopping Spree — Can You Stay Under Budget?

Harry Styles at the Met Gala with the number "$500K?" and Halsey with the words "$1.5 Million?"

You deserve some fancy holiday gifts for yourself. Take the quiz here.

12. If You Can't Guess At Least 50% Of The Correct Disney Shoes, Then I'm Revoking Your Disney+ Subscription

Cinderella's shoe in blue and pink

If you don't know Cinderella's shoe I can't even look at you. Take the quiz here.

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