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Take These 21 Quizzes If You Are Waiting For Your Food Delivery

My stomach is growling.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best quizzes to take when you are waiting for your food delivery — in one place for your convenience. Your food may be 30 minutes away but don't worry, we'll keep you company while you wait.

1. Is It OK To Tip Your Server Less If These 13 Things Happen During Your Meal?

Upset waitress

2. Build A Pile Of Nachos To Find Out Your Future Engagement Ring's Style

Loaded nachos and engagement ring

3. Pretend To Eat Lunch At A Rich School Cafeteria And We'll Guess Your Worst School Subject With Frightening Accuracy

Zoey and Lola sit at lunch on "Zoey 101"

4. It's Kind Of Obvious Whether You're A Fire, Air, Water, Or Earth Sign Based On The Foods You Pick In This Quiz

Smoothie bowl, cheeseburger, and sushi

5. I Need To Know Whether You Think These Popular Foods Are Delicious Or Overrated

Salted caramel chocolate and fried chicken sandwich

6. My 5-Year-Old Sister Described Foods She Hates — Try Identifying Them

Kid pushing bowl away and soft boiled egg

7. Everyone Has A Dessert That Perfectly Matches Their Personality — Eat Some Fruit To Find Out Yours

Ron Swanson from "Parks and Recreation" eating a banana and chocolate chip cookies

8. You're The Pickiest Of Eaters If You'd Rather Have Chicken Tenders At All Of These Restaurants

Chicken tenders

9. Build A Charcuterie Board That You Won't Want To Share And We'll Give You A Travel Destination

Fancy charcuterie board equals bora bora island

10. Rank The Songs From "Sour" From 1-11 And Find Out Which Sour Candy You Really Are

Olivia Rodrigo "Sour" album cover and gummy worms

11. I'm Not Saying I'm A Psychic Or Anything, But I Can Guess Your Zodiac Sign By Your Starbucks Order

scorpio and virgo lattes

12. Only A True Masterchef Can Make A Pasta Dish That Gordon Ramsay Would Approve Of

gordon ramsay on the left looking concerned and someone spooning pasta from a pan onto the plate on the right

13. Everyone Has A Season That Perfectly Matches Their Vibe — Bake A Cake To Reveal Yours

Leaning cake from "Sleeping Beauty" and snow man

14. Build A Taco And We'll Reveal Which Iconic "Friends" Episode You Are

Friends show screencaps from "The One in Vegas" and "The One With Ross's Tan"

15. Everyone Has A Fast Food Restaurant That Perfectly Describes Them — Eat Some Potatoes To Find Your Match

French fries with word "McDonald's" and tater tots with words "Pizza Hut"

16. Bake Some Cupcakes And We'll Reveal The Career That Was Made For You

Cupcakes with the words "cat café owner, travel blogger, and ghost hunter"

17. Order A Bento Box And Find Out Which Type Of Sushi You're Most Like

Nigiri and sashimi sushi

18. Your Zodiac Sign Is Super Obvious From The Lovely Picnic You Plan

Picnic with the words "Gemini" and "Virgo"

19. Only 30% Of People Can Pass This Fruits And Vegetables "Odd One Out" Quiz

Shaggy eating fruit in "Scooby-Doo" and fruit plates

20. Order Takeout For 7 Days And We'll Reveal What Type Of Friend You Are In The Group

Beef and broccoli

21. I Bet You $50k That I Can Guess Which State You Live In Based On The Desserts You Choose

Boston sugar cream pie and Pennsylvania shoofly pie