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It's Girls' Night! Take These 29 Quizzes About Sex, Love, And Romance

Discover your soulmate, when you'll get married, and how kinky you are all in one place.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of trivia and personality quizzes to take with your friends when you are having a girls' night — in one place for your convenience.

1. There Are Only 6 Kinds Of Sexual Energies — Which Do You Give Off?

Woman biting lip

It's gotta be one of the six. Take the quiz here.

2. This A-Z Test For Sexual Activities Will Determine Your Age With Surprising Accuracy

Airplane sex, blindfolded sex, and car sex
BuzzFeed / Ajani Bazile

...W, XXX, Y and Z. Take the quiz here.

3. The Extravagant Home You Build Will Reveal Which Romance Trope Matches Your Personality

Garden house and enemies-to-lovers trope
Getty / Buena Vista Pictures

You're giving off love triangle vibes. Take the quiz here.

4. 15 NSFW "Would You Rather" Questions That I'm So, So Sorry For

Side-by-side of a shirtless Chris Evans in "Not Another Teen Movie" and Dakota Johnson in "50 Shades of Grey"
Sony Pictures Releasing / Universal Pictures

Would you rather be forced to speak like Borat every time you have sex OR have your partner(s) only speak like Borat during sex? Take the quiz here.

5. Plan Your Dream Wedding And I'll Give You A Song And TV Couple That Matches Your Vibe


We bet you already have the color scheme planned out. Take the quiz here.

7. I'm Curious, Do You Consider These 10 Relationship Behaviors Red Or Green Flags?

Ross and Rachel and Chrissy Teigen with awkward smile
NBC / Golden Globes

If someone touches my stuff, I'm leaving. Take the quiz here.

8. Let's Figure Out If Your Crush Likes You

Victor kissing his crush in Love, Victor

Does your crush like you? It's time to figure it out. Take the quiz here.

10. These 17 Sexual Fetishes Are Some Of The Most Common — Would You Try Them?

Man in rope and woman in lingerie

Spanking? Roleplay? Threesomes? Take the quiz here.

11. Live In A Rom-Com And We'll Reveal The Plot Of Your Movie

Jenna from 13 Going on 30 gasping that her and matty are hooking up
Sony Pictures Releasing

It's time to fall in love. Take the quiz here.

12. These Six Questions Will Expose All Your Sexual Fantasies

Whip and cuffs

Hey, we're all kinky to a degree. Take the quiz here.

13. Here's Your "Harry Potter" Boyfriend And A Short Story About Your Relationship

Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, and Harry Potter
Warner Bros. Pictures

This is your very own magical love story! Take the quiz here.

14. This Unconventional Outfit Quiz Will Reveal If You're More Kinky Or Calm

Couple laughing and girl in underwear in front of computer

Your outfit choices really do say a lot about your sex preferences, or so we're saying. Take the quiz here.

15. I'm Genuinely Curious If You Think These Proposals Are Romantic Or Just Cringey

Eiffel tower proposal with the word "cringey" and beach proposal with the word "romantic"

Yay, got my dream proposal planned out. Now, just gotta find someone to propose to me! Take the quiz here.

16. Plan Your Dream Wedding And We'll Give You A Movie Couple That You And Your Soulmate Embody

Oval engagement ring and Rose and Jack from "Titanic"
Getty / Paramount Pictures

Not everyone can be Jack and Rose, I'm sorry! Take the quiz here.

17. This Hot Guys Dating Edition Of "Would You Rather" Will Really Make You Think

Noah Centineo and Jason Momoa
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Decisions, decisions. Take the quiz here.

18. Can We Accurately Guess Your Romantic Type?

Couple kissing in bed

You might be surprised to learn something you already know! Take the quiz here.

19. Play Matchmaker With Fictional Characters And We'll Predict Your Love Life In 1 Year

Marvel / Netflix

I honestly believe that Rory Gilmore and Iron Man would be a good couple. Maybe you feel otherwise? Take the quiz here.

20. I've Rounded Up 11 Questions About Some Of The Most Successful Romantic Movies From The Last 30 Years — Can You Pass?

Patrick and Kat from "10 Things I Hate About You"
Buena Vista Pictures

Are you old enough to remember what "Say Anything" is even about? Take the quiz here.

23. Design A Boyfriend And We’ll Guess If You’re Single

Couple hugging each other made of stars

Let's invent a boyfriend. Take the quiz here.

26. Are These Popular Promposal Ideas Really Cute Or Really Cringey?

Prom couple

Tell us whether you think they're actually romantic or really, really awkward. Take the quiz here.

27. Pick Your Favorite Love Songs To Reveal When You're Getting Engaged


These songs could determine your entire future. Take the quiz here.

28. Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You? Answer These 5 Simple Questions To Find Out

Jess and Nick from "New Girl"

If my ex still had feelings for me, I'd want to know. Take the quiz here.