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15 Quizzes To Take When You Can't Fall Asleep

Taking quizzes > counting sheep.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun quizzes to take when you are having trouble falling asleep β€” in one place for your convenience. Hopefully these will help you catch some z's.

1. Are You A Vampire, Mermaid, Or Something Else? Take This Inner And Outer Mythical Creature Quiz To Find Out

Edward as a vampire, dragon flying, and mermaid tail
Summit Entertainment / Getty

Did you also swim around pretending to be a mermaid as a child or was that just me? Take the quiz here.

2. Think You Could Run A Successful Clothing Store? Prove It

Getty / Netflix

Would you thrive or would you crash and burn? Take the quiz here.

4. Check Off Everything You've Done On My Bucket List And I'll Give You Something To Add To Yours

NBC / Getty

Should you go night swimming or build a fort? Take the quiz here.

5. Tell Us Whether You Love Or Hate These Homes And We'll Reveal Your True Aesthetic

Modern living room with word "Softcore" and geometric living room with word "urbancore"

We know if you're more cottagecore or dark academia. Take the quiz here.

6. Here Are 12 Starbucks Menu Items From Around The World β€” Can You Identify Where They're From?

Coxinha with the word "mexico?" and castella with the words "South Korea?"

International Starbucks are just better than American Starbucks. Take the quiz here.

10. Do You Like The Same Taylor Swift Songs As All The Other Swifties?

Taylor Swift in the "Shake It Off" and "Willow" music videos
Big Machine / Republic

Hmmm I feel like this is the perfect quiz to take while wearing a cardigan. Take the quiz here.

11. Eat Or Toss These Aphrodisiacs And We'll Tell You If You're Dominant Or Submissive

Assorted chocolates with the word "eat" and figs with the word "Toss"

Your food preferences will reveal your bedroom preferences. Take the quiz here.

12. Build Your Dream Library And We'll Recommend You A Book To Read


I could spend 30 years in my dream library. Take the quiz here.

13. Sort These Disney Princesses Into High School Cliques

Tiana from "Princess and the frog" with the words "Artsy kid" and Anna from "Frozen" with the words "theater kid"

We can all agree that Rapunzel is an artsy kid. Take the quiz here.

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