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    These Quizzes Will Help You Make Some Important Life Decisions

    When it's too difficult to make decisions on your own, just consult the BuzzFeed gods.

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of quizzes to help you make important life decisions — in one place for your convenience. If you're looking for a more accurate version of a virtual 8-ball, look no further.

    1. This 25-Question Aptitude Test Is Scientifically Proven To Reveal What Job You Should Really Have

    Jessica from "New Girl" holding a clipboard and Andy from "Parks and Recreation" wearing a tie with the words "Career Aptitude Test"
    Fox / NBC

    Time to ask the higher powers that be whether you are destined for a job as a lawyer or a YouTube star. Take the quiz here.

    2. Build A Huge AF House To Live In And We'll Reveal Which City You Belong In

    Large luxury house

    Need some help figuring out your dream house and the city you should live in? Here ya go. Take the quiz here.

    3. Answer These Difficult Questions And We'll Tell You What To Eat

    Pepperoni pizza and fettuccini alfredo

    The one decision I personally can never make. Take the quiz here.

    4. This Quiz Is Scientifically Proven To Recommend Which Netflix Show You Should Watch Next

    Shocked David from "Schitt's Creek" and Netflix app icon
    Pop TV / Getty

    Need help figuring out your weekend plans? We got you. Take the quiz here.

    6. We Know What Your College Major Should Be — Just Take This Aptitude Test

    Elle Woods graduating and Mia Thermopolis wearing her crown with the words "Political Science"
    MGM Distribution Co. / Buena Vista Pictures / Disney

    Majoring in sleeping in until 12 and minoring in TikTok dances. Take the quiz here.

    7. What Sort Of Person Should You Actually Date?

    April and Andy from "Parks and Recreation" with the words "Someone will die. Of fun."

    Do you love to date Mr. Wrong? Don't worry, we know who is perfect for you. Take the quiz here.

    8. Which Solo Travel Adventure Is Actually Perfect For You?

    Falafel and hummus and Marrakesh

    We've got your post-pandemic plans set. Take the quiz here.

    9. Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Determine If You Should Get Bangs

    Girl getting bangs cut and girl crossing arms in an X

    Making big hair decisions is not my forte. Take the quiz here.

    10. These 17 Questions Will Tell You If You Should Dump Him Or Not

    Guy with the words "Should you dump him?"
    Getty / BuzzFeed

    Are you meant to be or are you meant to be over? Take the quiz here.

    11. This Quiz Will Reveal Whether You're Ready Or Not To Have Kids

    Parents holding new baby

    Should you be baby-proofing your house or should you be waiting a bit more? Take the quiz here.

    12. Answer Some Questions To See What Kind Of Tattoo You Should Get

    Mom tattoo and tattoo artist

    Time for some new ink! Take the quiz here.

    13. We'll Tell You Which Pet You Should Get Based On Your Personality

    Liam Hemsworth and dog and two dog noses
    Liam Hemsworth / Instagram / Getty / Via

    Dog, cat, or pet rock? Take the quiz here.

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