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17 Quizzes To Take If You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind Today

*Hooks myself up to an IV of quizzes.*

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of trivia and personality quizzes to take when you are bored out of your mind and have nothing else to do — in one place for your convenience. Go forth and waste time!

1. I Pinky Promise You That I Can Guess What Generation You’re in Based on the Famous Actors You Choose

Tom Holland with the words "Gen Z" and Viola Davis with the words "Gen X"

2. This Isn't Going to Be Easy, but I'm Gonna Ask You to Sort These Foods Into "Drunk Foods" and "High Foods"

Pepperoni pizza with the word "Drunk" and gummy worms with the word "high"

3. Can You Accurately Fill in the Kardashian Family Tree?

Kendall Jenner and Saint West

4. This Is Weird, but Everyone Is a Type of "Smart" Based on Their Fast-Food Choices

McDonald's meal

5. Can You Put All 9 Planets in Order?

Britta from "Community looking annoyed and the planets behind her

6. How Mature Is Your Soul? Choose Between These Cheese or Chocolate Dishes and We'll Tell You

Cheese fries or churro in chocolate sauce

7. Let's Decide Whether These Marvel Heroes Are Over-, Under-, or Appropriately Rated

Groot labeled "Overrated" and Quicksilver labeled "Underrated"

8. These 15 Actor Age Gaps Are So Wild, but I'm Curious if You Can Guess How Big They Really Are

Side-by-side of Tom Welling in "Smallville" and Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls"

9. The Smoothie You Make Will Reveal What Kind of Chips Match Your Personality

On the left, Kim Kardashian sipping a smoothie with a straw, and on the right, a bowl of chips labeled "BBQ"

10. Check Off All the Awkward Things You Do on a Daily Basis and I'll Calculate What % Awkward You Are

Michael Scott from the Office biting his lip

11. Here Are 14 of the Worst Roommate Horror Stories Ever — Which of These Roommates Would You Rather Live With?

"She dumped the kitty litter box on my bed" and "he used the toilet sponge to do dishes"

12. Haven't You Ever Wondered Which Color Perfectly Matches Your Personality? Just Choose Your Favorite Desserts to Find Out

Chocolate cake and SpongeBob

13. Recast "The Avengers" to Find Out Which MCU Hero Is Your Soulmate

Donald Glover with arrow to Captain America

14. This Might Sound Kinda Weird, but We Know What Age You'll Get Married by the Wedding Dress You Design

Two women wearing wedding dresses and the words "23 years old" and "29 years old" on top

15. This Bar Trivia Quiz Gets Harder Based on How Much You "Drink" — Can You Get a High Score?

"The more you 'drink' ... the less likely it is you'll get a perfect score!"

16. Let's Debate About What the Right Age Is to Let Your Kids Do These 14 Things

Jughead and Betty with the words "At what age would you let your kids start dating?"

17. A Ton of Movies Came Out in 2020, and You'll Forget All of Them As Soon as This Quiz Starts

"To All The Boys 2" and "Soul"