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Only A True K-Pop Stan Has Taken All 17 Of These Quizzes

Who's your ultimate bias?

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of K-Pop trivia and personality quizzes — in one place for your convenience. Enjoy!

1. If You Were In A K-Pop Group, What Would Your Role Be?

Woman from dancing with the word "Dancer" and guy siting with word "Visual"
Abyss Company / RAIN Company

Maybe it's your destiny to be the dancer in a girl group. Take the quiz here.

2. Only A Longtime K-Pop Stan Can Get 10/12 Correct On This Random Knowledge Quiz

Tzuyu and Jeongyeon of TWICE with the words "Who's taller?"
The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

What is APink's fandom name? Take the quiz here.

3. We All Love BTS, But How Many Of These Underrated K-Pop Groups Do You Know?

Guy holding skateboard with the word "Target" and girl dancing with the word "Blackswan"
JSL Company / DR Music / Danal Entertainment

Have you heard of 24K? Take the quiz here.

4. 50 K-Pop Idols Stand Between You And The End Of This Quiz — Can You Identify Them All?

An image of Miyeon from GIDLE with the words "Who is this?"
Cube / Universal Japan / Republic Records

What does Bambam from GOT7 look like? Take the quiz here.

5. Let's Find Out Which K-Pop Leader You're Most Like

SM / Genie Music / JYP

Are you more RM or Jihyo? Take the quiz here.

6. You're Only A K-Pop Fan If You've Heard At Least 10/16 Of These Songs

Girl holding fork and girl making heart shape
JYP / SM Entertainment

Have you heard "Happiness" by Red Velvet? Take the quiz here.

7. Are You More Like Jimin Or V From BTS?

V and Jimin from BTS with the words "Who are you?"

What would you do if you failed an exam? Take the quiz here.

8. Are These K-Pop Songs Bops Or Flops?

SM / Avex Trax / Big Hit / Pony Canyon / Def Jam Japan / Columbia

Tell the truth, is "Call Me Baby" by EXO a bop? Take the quiz here.

9. We Know The Letter Of Your Soulmate's First Name Based On The K-Pop Songs You Pick

Baekhyun and ABC blocks
SM / Dreamus / Getty

Do you belong with someone whose name starts with S? Take the quiz here.

10. Can Guess Who These K-Pop Stars Are Based On Just Their Eyes?

Seungmin from Stray Kids and  Baekhyun from EXO
Stray Kids / JYP / EXO / SM / Avex

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Take the quiz here.

11. If You Know At Least 8 Of These Terms, Then You're Definitely A K-Pop Stan

Jennie from Blackpink with the word "bias?" and Jungkook from BTS with the word "maknae?"
YG Entertainment / Big Hit Entertainment

What's a maknae? Take the quiz here.

12. If You're Into K-Pop, Naming These 21 Groups Should Be Easy

Boy Group TXT and girl group Blackpink
Big Hit Entertainment / Republic Records / YG / YGEX / Interscope

Who is in the girl group Twice? Take the quiz here.

13. Make A BTS Playlist To Reveal Which K-Drama You Should Watch Next

On the left, a still from the K-drama "Her Private Life," and on the right, RM from BTS in the "Dynamite" music video
tvN / Big Hit / Columbia / Sony Music

"Telepathy" or "Stay"? Take the quiz here.

14. Don't Even Think About Calling Yourself A K-Pop Fan Unless You Can Identify The Song Based On A Music Video Screenshot

A group of boys dressed in baseball uniforms are on the left with girls on the right on a tennis court
Cube Entertainment/ Kakao M / Cube Entertainment

If you haven't seen every single Blackpink music video what are you even doing? Take the quiz here.

15. Choose Some Themed K-Pop Songs And We'll Reveal What Season Perfectly Matches Your Personality

An image from Girls' Generation-TTS' music video for "Dear Santa" next to an image of a snow covered road with trees
S.M. Entertainment / Getty

"Black Swan" by BTS is clearly a spring song. Take the quiz here.

16. Which Maknae Are You Based On Your Favorite K-Pop Songs?

Iphone and headphones and Tyuzu from Twice
Getty / JYP / Republic Records

Are you more like TWICE's Chou Tzuyu or Red Velvet's Kim Yerim? Take the quiz here.

17. Wanna Know Which K-Pop Song Is Your Anthem? Just Tell Us Your K-Pop Group Preferences To Find Out

On the left, NCT U in the "Make a Wish (Birthday Song)" music video, and on the right, Blackpink in the "How You Like That" music video labeled "Blackpink"
SM / Dreamus / Capitol / Caroline / YG / Interscope

Are you more of a Wonder Girls or Apink fan? Take the quiz here.

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