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    21 Pasta Quizzes That Will Have You Ordering Italian Food

    Well, now I'm starving.

    Daniel Grill / Getty Images

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia and personality quizzes about pasta — in one place for your convenience. I can't be held responsible if you start drooling.

    1. You Can Only Get A 13/16 On This Quiz If You're Truly Obsessed With Pasta

    Michelle from "Full House" eating spaghetti and dry pasta shapes
    ABC / Getty

    What does orzo look like? Take the quiz here.

    3. How Much Random Pasta Knowledge Do You Have?

    Spaghetti bolognese and pasta e ceci

    Do you know the difference between stuffed rigatoni and baked manicotti? Take the quiz here.

    4. Say "Yuck" Or "Yum" To These 20 Pastas And We'll Determine Your Love Language

    Carbonara with the words "Quality time" and pasta salad with the words "words of affirmation"

    How do you really feel about shrimp scampi? Take the quiz here.

    5. If You've Eaten 20/32 Of These Foods, You're Truly Obsessed With Pasta

    Fettuccini alfredo and pesto fusilli

    I haven't eaten fried ravioli yet but it's definitely on my bucket list. Take the quiz here.

    6. If You Can Name 12/17 Of These Pastas, You're Probably Italian


    What does penne look like? Take the quiz here.

    7. If You Can Pass This Pasta Ingredients Quiz, You're Saucy

    A bowl of tomato sauce pasta next to Marilyn Monroe biting her lip
    The Food Network / 20th Century Fox

    What pasta sauce contains pancetta, parmesan, and eggs? Take the quiz here.

    8. Let’s See If You’re Able To Guess Every Type Of Pasta Used For Each Of These Dishes

    Fusilli with mushrooms and tomato sauce and baked ziti

    Fill in the blank: "__ alla chitarra." Take the quiz here.

    9. How Many Of These 20 Types Of Pasta Have You Actually Tried Before?

    Mafalda and manicotti

    If you haven't eaten lasagna before what are you even doing? Take the quiz here.

    10. It's Time To Make Some Tough Choices About Noodles And Pasta

    Pho or baked manicotti

    Pad thai or chow mein? Take the quiz here.

    11. Plan A Trip To Italy To Learn What Pasta You Were In A Past Life

    The colosseum and spaghetti carbonara

    Were you secretly spaghetti cacio e pepe before becoming a human? Take the quiz here.

    12. Only People Who Love Movies And Pasta Can Pass This Trivia Quiz

    lady and the tramp spaghetti scene

    What weird ingredient does Buddy put in his spaghetti in Elf? Take the quiz here.

    13. We Know Your Deepest Desire Based On The Pasta You Eat

    Cacio e pepe pasta and Jughead and Betty kissing on "Riverdale"
    Getty / The CW

    Mac and cheese = to make a lasting impact. Take the quiz here.

    14. We Can Accurately Guess Your Emotional Age Based On The Pasta Dish You Make

    Phoebe smiling from "Friends" and Spaghetti bolognese
    NBC / Getty

    Are you more of a spaghetti or ravioli type of person? Take the quiz here.

    15. Judge 20 Pasta Types And We'll List 3 Of Your Best Personality Traits

    Penne alla vodka with the words "underrated" and pesto ravioli with the words "overrated"

    Gnocchi = quiet, mindful, and balanced. Take the quiz here.

    17. WARNING: This Pasta Quiz Ends The Second You Get A Question Wrong

    Pasta puttanesca and cacio e pepe

    This will test your pasta knowledge on a whole new level. Take the quiz here.

    18. Your Pasta Preferences Will Reveal What Type Of Cheese You Are

    Pesto spaghetti equals baked brie

    Pasta and cheese in one quiz? What could be better? Take the quiz here.

    19. It's Almost Impossible To Pick Which Pasta You'd Rather Eat, But You Can Try

    Fettuccine alfredo and lobster ravioli

    Mac and cheese or lobster mac and cheese? Take the quiz here.

    20. Build Your Own Pasta Bowl and We’ll Tell You Something You Need To Hear

    Chicken alfredo pasta, spaghetti and meatballs, and zucchini noodles with shrimp

    Pasta with pesto or pasta with alfredo? Take the quiz here.