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Take These Interior Design Quizzes, Which Are More Fun And Less Effort Than Actually Redecorating

Get ready to design mansions, cottages, and hotels!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of interior decorating quizzes to take when you are feeling particularly creative — in one place for your convenience. These quizzes are divided up by type of decorating, so go forth and show us your style!


1. Design A House And We'll Give You Something New To Try

Ballet slippers and baking

2. Wanna Know Your Actual Aesthetic? Just Design Your Dream Home To Find Out

Family in kitchen

3. Design A House And We'll Tell You Which Fictional World You Belong In

Diagon Alley and Westeros


4. Decorate A Bedroom And We'll Tell You What Type Of Furniture You Are

Pink ornamental bedroom and dark grey living room

5. Design A Bedroom For Yourself Without A Budget And We'll Reveal Your True Aesthetic

Book shelf

6. What's Your Mental Age Based On The Bedroom You Design As An Interior Designer?

Bedroom and girl sitting at desk chair


7. Decorate An Apartment And We'll Reveal Which City You Belong In

Boho bedroom with words "New York" and chic bedroom with words "Los Angeles"

8. Design An Apartment And We'll Tell You Who Your Celebrity Soulmate Is

Michael B. Jordan and retro living room

9. Design The Perfect Studio Apartment And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Creative You Are


10. Design A Mansion In 15 Steps And We'll Guess Your Aesthetic

Mansion and posh outfit

11. Build A Mansion And We'll Reveal Where Your Future Honeymoon Should Be

Mansion entrance and hammock on beach

12. It's Kinda Funny, But We Know What Job Is Perfect For You Based On The Luxurious Mansion You Build

Mansion over a pool and teacher


13. Design A Cottage To Reveal Your True Aesthetic

Goblincore cabin and seacore cottage

14. Design Your Dream Cottage And We'll Tell You Where To Build It

Garden and cottage

15. The Tiny, Magical Cottage That You Design Will Reveal What Your Best Feature Is

Flower window sill and smiling woman


16. Design A Hotel And We'll Tell You Where You Should Move To

Bed with anchor and city in France

17. Everyone Has A Color That Matches Their Energy — Design A Hotel To Reveal Yours

Hotel lobby and pink

18. Build A Hotel And We'll Give You A Famous Chris To Vacation With

Elegant bedroom and Chrissy Teigen in silver dress

Specialty room:

19. The Home Library You Build Will Reveal Your Autumn Aesthetic

Rustic library with fireplace and colorful bookshelf

20. Design A Pool Area And We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

Pool and Cinderella

21. Design Your Dream Living Room And We'll Give You A Pet To Live With You

Modern living room and Kylie with puppies

22. Build A Hobby Room And We'll Guess Your Favorite Color

Sewing room and blue