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Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Math Test For 11-Year-Olds?

Let's hope you remember those formulas for area.

  1. What is the √361?

  2. How do you find the area of a circle?

  3. What does this equation find: 2πrh+2πr^2?

  4. If Alex has 855 donut holes and gives each of his friends nine donut holes, how many friends can he feed?

  5. Find the value of X for this equation: -33 + (-3x) = 0

  6. What is the ratio of 500mm to 2 meters?

  7. Is zero a whole number?

  8. What is the value place of 5 in 82.3456?

  9. What is the decimal 0.56 as a fraction?

  10. How many minutes is 1/8 of an hour?

  11. What is 16 x 3/4?

  12. For a final bonus advanced question: All three angles of a triangle add up to what number of degrees?

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