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    23 Kids Shows That Adults Absolutely Swear By

    If you haven't already watched Phineas and Ferb, now's your chance.

    1. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Discovery Family

    The My Little Pony characters demonstrate some really important social skills that can be hard to teach. The show is entertaining, clever, and very funny. The characters actually learn and grow, which is rare for a children's show.


    2. H2O: Just Add Water

    Network Ten

    One of the girls I babysat for in high school was on Season 2 of H2O, and I loved it so much I found it on Hulu and watched it. I even introduced it to the girls of another family I babysat for so I could continue watching the episodes that weren't on Hulu.


    3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


    I thought She-Ra and the Princesses of Power would be another cringe show, but I actually really liked it! There is a lot of LGBTQ+ representation, which is amazing, and the finale was beautiful.


    4. Phineas and Ferb

    Disney Channel

    This show has all of the stuff for young kids while still having a lot of jokes for the parents, including pop culture references in the episode titles and themes. It also has an important message about making the most of your time during the summer.


    5. Bubble Guppies


    Bubble Guppies has catchy musical numbers, a diverse group of kids, and great teaching moments. It's definitely one of my favorite shows my kid got hooked on.


    6. The Loud House


    The Loud House is great. I love how Clyde's parents are a mixed-race gay couple. It's so cool to see, and my daughter has never questioned it — it's just normal to her, which is awesome.


    7. Just Add Magic

    Amazon Video

    The concept of this show is unique, the characters are multi-dimensional, and the plot is unpredictable to even the most mature adult.


    8. Octonauts


    I've learned so much about the ocean and its creatures from Octonauts, and I find me and Grandpa watching it and discussing the creatures while my kid is off doing something else.


    9. PAW Patrol


    My son loves Paw Patrol, and they just added a pup who is disabled. It has a great message for kids that anyone can be a hero.


    10. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide


    I never liked the 2000s live-action Disney and Nick shows, but suffered through some of them when my daughter watched them. I started watching one episode of Ned's Declassified and it was hilarious! I really did enjoy it!


    11. Bluey

    ABC Kids

    Bluey is such a wholesome show with surprisingly good animation. There's always some sort of lesson at the end of each episode, which makes you want to watch to the end.


    12. Andi Mack

    Disney Channel

    Andi Mack was a really good show. There was a ton of great representation in the show and I was pretty sad when it ended.


    13. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

    Cartoon Network

    This show is funny, beautiful, and heartfelt. It also has a wonderful message in every episode from covering mental health, to being comfortable with who you are. I never expected it to become such a special show for me and my daughter.


    14. Steven Universe

    Cartoon Network

    Steven Universe deals with mental health, abusive relationships, coming of age, and love equality (just to name a few things) in an incredible way. Everyone has a voice and everyone is valid. It’s beautiful.


    15. Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network

    This show teaches valuable lessons and has great humor that appeals to kids and adults. It also has some great LGBTQIA+ representation. When the kids stopped watching it, I started watching it from the beginning on my own.


    16. Henry Danger


    This show is absolutely hilarious and I would find myself watching it and cracking up even after my son went to bed.


    17. Wild Kratts

    PBS Kids Go! / PBS Kids

    This show is a good way to introduce kids to a wide variety of animals across the world and teach them about different habitats that animals live in. I thought it was quite interesting, and the storylines were educational and fun at the same time.


    18. Doc McStuffins

    Disney Junior

    This show is actually pretty cute and very educational. It taught kids not to be scared of the doctor’s office, and how they could talk to their parents, teachers, or an adult about not feeling well. It helped give little kids a way to understand their health problems, and when/how they should tell someone about those symptoms.


    19. Gravity Falls

    Disney Channel

    This show is super creative and has so much heart. I think I liked it even more than my son did.


    20. Dino Dana


    The lead in this show is so smart and creative, and it's great to see a female POC lead, who happens to be incredibly intelligent and who knows everything about dinosaurs. I also love how supportive her parents are.


    21. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    PBS Kids

    This show teaches children how to deal with things they perceive to be scary or daunting (doctors appointments, first day of school, etc.), but it also heavily reinforces positive communication techniques to parents.


    22. DC Super Hero Girls

    Cartoon Network

    This show is all about empowered super girls (Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, etc.) teaming together to fight crime in Metropolis. The animation style is cute and the storylines are so good! It's nice to give my daughter role models who show her that girls can do anything!


    23. iCarly


    When my daughter was younger, she used to like iCarly. I would watch it with her and liked it so much that I would record and watch the new episodes on my own.


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