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15 "Jeopardy" Quizzes That Will Really Test Your Knowledge

*Turns on 5 hours of Jeopardy theme song.*

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of Jeopardy trivia quizzes — in one place for your convenience. If you can ace all of these quizzes, you should probably sign yourself up for the show.

1. Jeopardy! Contestants Got Almost All of These Video Game Questions Wrong. Can You Do Better?

Host Alex Trebek and contestant looking confused

2. These Are the 50 Easiest Questions in Jeopardy History. Let's See If You Get Them All Correct.

Contestants on Jeopardy looking shocked with the words "What is a super easy question?" and the numbers $15,800

3. These The Office Questions Were Asked on Jeopardy! — Can You Answer 5/7 Correctly?

Michael Scott from "The Office" and the jeopardy board

4. Not a Single Jeopardy! Contestant Could Answer These Questions Correctly — Can You?

Alex Trebek with Xs looking shocked

5. Sorry, But Only People Older Than 40 Will Be Able to Pass This Jeopardy Quiz

Three's Company and Brady Bunch

6. Someone Set a Jeopardy! Single Day Record, Winning $110,914 by Answering These Questions — How Much Could You Have Won?

"Malarial and iron deficiency are 2 types of this condition that can lead to paleness"

7. This Jeopardy! Quiz Only Ends If You Get One Wrong or You Complete a Full Round

"TV shows by couple = Monica & Chandler"

8. Can You Get 11/16 on This Broadway Jeopardy Quiz?

Jeopardy contestants with the words "What is 'A Whole New World'?"

9. Most Adults Can't Answer These Easy Teen Tournament Questions From Jeopardy! — Can You?

Jeopardy teen tournament contestants

10. These Are 8 "Easy" Questions From the Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time Tournament

"Sackbut is an old name for this instrument that has a slide & bell"

11. Here’s One Jeopardy! Question for Each US State — Can You Get At Least 25/50?

Blue map of USA and Alex Trebek

12. Stephen King Answered All 21 of These Questions Right on Jeopardy! — Can You?

Jeopardy question, Stephen King in Jeopardy, and Alek Trebek

13. I'm Eager to See If You'll Correctly Answer These Easy $200 Jeopardy! Christmas Clues

Elf with the words "Will Ferrell is a delight in this 2003 film"

14. A Contestant Became the First Jeopardy! Champ by Guessing These 16 Clues — How Many Can You Get?

Jeopardy! original first episode

15. James Knew 32/33 of These Final Jeopardy Questions, and I'll Be Impressed If You Can Get Just 8

Final Jeopardy! episode