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Here Are All The Hardest “Twilight” Questions About Bella Swan

Can you remember Bella's middle name?

  1. What color are Bella's human eyes?

  2. What is the name of Bella's stepfather?

  3. What is Bella's vampire power?

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  4. What is one of Bella's talents?

  5. What is Bella's middle name?

  6. Where was Bella born?

  7. Bella considers herself to be like the heroine from which novel?

  8. What does Bella's shampoo smell like?

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  9. What does Bella do with Jacob while Edward is gone?

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  10. When is Bella's birthday?

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  11. How old is Bella when she's turned into a vampire?

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  12. Finally, which of Edward's "siblings" is Bella closest to?

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