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    15 Times "Gossip Girl" Gave Us Totally Unrealistic Expectations About High School

    I'm still surprised no one I know married a prince.

    1. When Jenny got a prestigious internship at 15, dropped out of school, and made a name for herself in the fashion world almost instantly.

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    After seeing this storyline, I freaked out when I was not wildly successful before I could even get my driver's license.

    2. When Blair's squad had lunch at The Met all the time.

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    First of all, most schools don't let students eat lunch off campus. But furthermore, there is no way that Blair's squad would've had time to travel almost a mile away to The Met and have time for lunch, all within the average 30 minutes of a high school lunch break.

    3. When Dan was such a good writer that he got his first submission published immediately in The New Yorker.

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    This is another case of the Humphrey children having extraordinary talents (and luck). Being published as a teenager is not impossible, but it is not nearly as easy as Gossip Girl made it seem.

    4. When they drank at bars all the time and never once got carded.

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    This is not sipping from red plastic cups in your best friend's basement. A 14-year-old would never be allowed into a bar without an ID, no matter how rich they are, yet the Gossip Girl teens went to dozens of different bars and clubs and no one was ever carded.

    5. And when everyone constantly partied but no one's parents ever cared where they were or when they came home.

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    All of the parents were so self-involved that they paid no mind to what was going on with their children. It made me believe that once you get into high school, your parents just let you run wild. Seriously, were curfews not a thing?

    6. When the squad dated every one of their friends and all of their friends' exes.

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    IRL, not many people can date their best friend's ex and still maintain a functional friendship.

    7. Also, when they were somehow having SO MUCH SEX basically everywhere all the time.

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    It was a huge deal that Blair waited to have sex until the age of 16, and the show acted like she was some kind of chaste nun for wanting to have a good first time.

    8. When they somehow did not attend any classes or do any homework but still got into great colleges.

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    Where were the classes? The main characters spent a ton of their time at school but zero time actually in classes. Blair was obsessed with going to Yale yet, somehow, we never saw her studying, in class, or doing any work at all.

    9. When the characters always seemed to find time in the morning to eat breakfast, hang with their friends, and still make it to first period on time.

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    School starts at 8 a.m. After pressing snooze four times in the morning, there is no way I would have time to get dressed and still have an hour to just hang out in the city.

    10. And when they wore a full face of makeup and high heels every day.

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    Who has the time?! Who has the energy?!

    11. Also, when they completely disregarded the school uniforms.

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    The Gossip Girl portrayal of school uniforms just isn't realistic. As someone who once got detention because my ankle socks didn't *fully* cover my ankles, most private school uniforms are a little more conservative than that.

    12. When everyone always had friends (or minions) who were free to hang out every week.

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    Serena, Blair, and Dan do spend time at home with their families, but their friends are always free to hang whenever they call. I hung out with my friends a lot less in real life than I expected to after watching the Gossip Girl gang.

    13. And when almost everyone managed to stays friends even through countless fights and betrayals.

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    Your high school friend group may break up over time, especially if you are constantly fighting like the Gossip Girl teens. The people you started freshman year with are not likely to be the only people who attend your wedding.

    14. When every single person they met or were friends with was wildly gorgeous.

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    Couldn't a few of them have had acne or a slightly asymmetrical face???

    15. And finally, when the main characters married their on-again/off-again high school sweethearts.

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    Both Blair and Serena married their high school sweethearts, which isn't unheard of, but it gave me this wild expectation that any person I dated in high school would be "the one" and all my future dates would just never live up to it.

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